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Readers Respond: What EZ Means to You

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From the article: Elizabeth Zimmermann

Many knitters through the years have been inspired by and learned from Elizabeth Zimmermann, whether in person at the knitting camps or through her books, television series and recordings.

The year 2010 marked the 100th anniversary of Zimmermann's birth, and she's still influencing knitters today. Do you have a story about how EZ changed your knitting life? Share it here.

I Love Elizabeth Zimmermann

I watched her faithfully in the 60's and use her methods to this day. I rarely use a pattern, rarely purl, and I make pockets after the sweater if completed the way she showed us. I wish the series were around today.

How EZ has affected my knitting

The two things I learned are 1) be a fearless knitter and 2) be patient with myself. I often refer to her books and wish I could have taken one of her classes.

TV EZ changed my knitting

Yes, I remember, we happened to be in Minneapolis, Minn., that winter when they were showing her show. I made myself change from the English I had learned from a book to continental. Even had to learn to purl as she hated to do that, so was a challenge to me. Now I've joined the Russian group and purl the way they do. Much easier in most cases. The most important thing I learned from her was to feel free to change or correct patterns or skip them at all. I would never have thought of that myself. Now if I want something I figure a gauge, measure the wanted size and start, making it up as I go. She gave me the fun in knitting.
—Guest itmom

A sweater

I just finished a sweater in the round using ESP. It is beautiful. I steeked it and made it into a cardigan. This was very scary. I own the DVD Knitting Workshop. This has given me the courage to go beyond afghans and printed patterns.
—Guest Monica


Am I the only responder to remember the days long ago when Elizabeth Zimmerman had a TV series, "The Busy Knitter"? It originated from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I enjoyed the program so much I purchased her book, The Knitter's Almanac. It made for great reading as it is not only about her love for knitting but includes anecdotes about her family life. Unlike many knitting books it contains an appendix defining unfamiliar terms and illustrating procedures as well as it has an index. What a thoughtful author and knitter!


Pioneers always manage to make things better for those of us who follow. Thanks for that EZ.
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