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Review of Lily Sugar'n Cream Cotton Yarn

A Simple Classic


Lily Sugar'n Cream

Lily Sugar'n Cream.

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I've worked with Lily Sugar'n Cream a lot over the years, because it's always been so widely available where I live. It's a good go-to yarn for basics like washcloths and placemats.

The slightly ropey texture is a turnoff for some knitters, but the durability and variety in available colors makes it a popular choice among knitters.


  • Content: 100 percent cotton grown in the United States
  • Yarn weight: medium
  • Gauge: ball band says 20 stitches and 26 rows on size 7 US needles (4.5 mm); I got 15 stitches and 23 rows per 4 inches on size 8 US needles (5 mm)
  • Yardage:120 yards per 2.5 ounce cake
  • Color availability: more than 30 solids and 50 ombres
  • Color used in swatch: Ecru


I immediately grabbed needles a size larger than the ball band calls for because I know I find the yarn a little easier and nicer to work with art a larger gauge. It feels to me like I have to fight the yarn a little bit at a tighter gauge, and the little breathing room between the stitches gives the finished fabric more drape without making the fabric too lose, in my opinion at least.

The bigger needles make it really quick and easy to work with this yarn. No matter the needle size, the yarn is well-behaved with little curl in Stockinette Stitch (all of which disappeared after a quick soak) and no splitting on bamboo needles.

The stitches come out a little uneven, which is pretty common with heavy cotton yarns.

Uses for Sugar'n Cream

Sugar'n Cream is a nice all-purpose cotton yarn, perfect for washcloths, placemats, floor mats and other utilitarian items. This is a yarn that will take a lot of punishment, stand up to multiple washings and still look good (though some colors will fade through years of washings) and it's a great value and readily available. 

It can also be used for children's garments, but it can get heavy and will sag when wet, which is not ideal for garments.

I've seen some cute baby blankets and other baby items knit with this yarn. (I made a slip stitch baby blanket with a similar yarn that you could totally do with Sugar'n Cream.)

You don't have to worry about the sagging issue as much because babies don't move around and get wet that much, and the colors are really pretty (just remember to test for bleeding before using multiple colors in a project).

Bottom Line

Lily Sugar'n Cream is a great value -- the ball I used to write this review cost me $1.79 and I could easily get a couple of washcloths out of it, depending on their size. That's actually cheaper than it would cost to buy washcloths.

And though washcloths are what most people think of when they think of kitchen cotton, there's actually a lot more you can do with this yarn, from baby gear to décor for your table.

The nice range of colors, particularly multis, makes it easy to coordinate this yarn with any décor or to use it for holiday-themed projects of all sorts.

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