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How to Make T-Shirt Yarn


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Readying the T-Shirt to Make Yarn
Starting T-shirt yarn

Trimming away the unneeded parts to start making T-shirt yarn.

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Making T-shirt yarn is a fun way to recycle T-shirts you might have stopped wearing because of stains, sizing issues or because you simply don't like them anymore.

It's an easy way to recycle (or upcycle) something in your home you're not using, and the yarn can be used for a variety of home decor and other projects, including bags, rugs, bath mats and coasters.

Shirts that don't have side seams make the smoothest yarn, and you'll also want to skip the parts of shirts that have logos on them.

To get started you'll need some old but clean T-shirts and a good, sharp pair of fabric scissors. The grid is by no means necessary, but it helps to protect the table top.

Begin by laying the shirt out flat and cutting off the bottom seam and the top below any logo. If there's no graphic on the front of the shirt, cut it just below the arm holes.

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