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How to Dye Yarn with Kool-Aid


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Gather Your Supplies
kool-aid yarn dyeing supplies

Supplies for dyeing yarn with Kool-Aid.

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Dyeing yarn with Kool-Aid is a great way to get started learning about how to dye yarn. It's pretty quick and easy and doesn't require any special tools or equipment. Because Kool-Aid is the only thing used in the process, you can even use a regular pot or pan that you use for cooking rather than buying all new utensils and pots to use.

To begin dyeing with Kool-Aid, you need to gather a few supplies:

  • one ounce of wool yarn, wound into a hank, tied loosely in at least four places with acrylic yarn
  • one packet Kool-Aid, flavor of your choice (I used orange)
  • wool wash or liquid dish soap
  • a pot or pan big enough to fit your yarn, preferably with a lid (I used a big piece of aluminum foil to cover mine)
  • water and a sink

Of course you can dye more than one ounce of yarn at once, but starting with a small quantity is a good idea while you're learning. The ratio of one packet Kool-Aid to one ounce of yarn should be maintained regardless of how much yarn you're dyeing, though you can add more powder to get a richer color, less for a lighter color.

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