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Measuring Yardage in a Hank of Yarn

Determine the Length of an Unknown Yarn


Measuring Hank of Yarn

Measuring a hank of yarn to determine yardage.

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If you've recycled yarn from a sweater or another project, you might not have a ball band to go by to help you estimate the yardage of the yarn in question.

But if you have worked (or can convert) the yarn into hanks, it's relatively easy to determine the yardage you have to work with.

If you want you can simply measure the distance around the chair or yarn swift that you used to form the skeins, though the exact size of skeins made on yarn swifts may vary if you don't position the swift exactly the same each time.

Another way to do it, as pictured, is to simply measure the length of the hank when it's folded in half.

My example hank, wound on a chair, came out at 18 inches.

Next, count the number of strands that make up your skein. I got 109.

Then a little bit of easy math gets you to your yardage.

  1. 18 inches times 109 strands is 1,962 inches.
  2. Divide by 12 and that's 163.5 feet.
  3. Divide by three and you have 54.3 yards. (Alternatively, divide inches by 39.37 to get the length in meters, which is 49.8)

Do this for each hank of the yarn in question and you'll have a really good indication of how much of the yarn you have available.

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