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What is Ribbon Yarn?


Ribbon Yarn

A swatch of ribbon yarn knitted.

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The World of Novelty Yarn:

There are all sorts of novelty yarns available on the market today, from flashy eyelash yarns to nubby, fluffy, and just about any other kind of textured yarn you could possibly want.

One of the newer novelty yarns to take the knitting world by storm is known as ribbon yarn, and it pretty much lives up to its name.

Ribbon Yarn:

Ribbon yarn can be made out of various materials -- from cotton and rayon to nylon -- that looks and feels like craft ribbon. It can be found in solids and varigated colors from numerous manufacturers.

It's often sold in relatively small quantities of around 100 yards per ball.

The Perils of Knitting with Ribbon Yarn:

Knitting with ribbon yarn can be a challenge if you're a perfectionist and you like all of your stitches to look perfect. Ribbon yarn loves to spin and twist while you are working with it, and nothing short of constant vigilance on the part of the knitter will keep the yarn from twisting.

You'll have to make the call whether that bothers you and plan accordingly, or stay away from this yarn!

Using Ribbon Yarn:

Ribbon yarn is great for accessories like belts and headbands, even bags. It's a good weight for a summer top.

It could be combined with other yarns for a slightly more durable look, but it's really cute on its own.

Projects Using Ribbon Yarn:

Where to Get Ribbon Yarn:

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