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Types of Knitting Yarn

Visiting the yarn store can be an intimidating experience. There are so many choices. What's the best fiber for your project, and how can you care for your yarn and your garments so they will last? Let's explore the wide world of fiber -- even spinning and dyeing your own.
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Knitting with Two Strands of Yarn
Knitting with two (or more) strands at once can be a little frustrating, but the results are often well worth it.

Avoiding Color Pooling
One of the potential problems with knitting with a multicolored yarn is the tendency toward color pooling, but there are some things you can do to avoid an ugly splotch of color on your project.

Swatching with Multicolored Yarn
When working with a multicolored yarn, you need to know that you will like the effect of whatever stitch pattern you're using. That's why it is vital to knit a swatch with your multicolored yarn so you know what to expect beforehand.

Understanding Yarn Weights
Different yarns are said to have different weights, or thicknesses, and different weights of yarns are used for different types of projects. Learn what the different weights are and how to use them.

Wool Yarn Reviews
Many knitters are big fans of wool, and there are tons of different wool yarns on the market. Here is a collection of wool yarn reviews to help you navigate the store shelves or choose a yarn to play with from your favorite online yarn store. You can also add your thoughts to many of these reviews.

How to Organize Yarn
If you're overwhelmed by your stash of knitting yarn, you might not even know where to start when it comes to organizing your yarn. Here are some thoughts on how to organize yarn so you can store it in a way you'll actually be able to find what you need!

Using Ravelry to Organize Your Knitting Life
The fiber-filled social networking site Ravelry is a great place to meet like-minded knitters, but you can also use the site to help organize your yarn, needles and knitting books.

Ways to Get Rid of Yarn
Get your stash under control by selling, swapping or donating some of your unwanted yarn.

How to Use Yarn without Knitting
There are lots of ways to use yarn in crafty projects without knitting when you find yourself with lots of yarn you want to use.

Measuring Yardage in a Hank of Yarn
Whether you've recycled yarn or simply don't have the ball band for the yarn you're looking at any more, there are times when you might want to figure out the yardage of a yarn with no information to go on.

Where Can I Find Discontinued Yarn?
Sometimes you start a project with discontinued yarn only to find that you need more than you have to finish your project. Here are some ideas on where to find discontinued yarn so you can finish your project.

Washing Yarn
When recycling yarn from an old project or a thrift store sweater, you might find it helpful to wash the yarn and allow it to relax into a smoother fiber before working with it. Here's how it's done.

Measuring Wraps Per Inch
Measuring wraps per inch is a quick way to determine what size knitting needle you might want to use for a yarn that doesn't have a ballband or a handspun, one of a kind yarn you want to use for a project.

Making a Center-Pull Ball by Hand
Winding a center-pull ball by hand is a quick and easy way to turn a skein into a center-pull ball of yarn, which can make it easier to deal with than working from the tail on the outside of the ball.

Knitting with Wool
Wool is universally one of the most beloved types of knitting yarn. Learn why, and how to treat your wool yarn well after you make something from it.

Knitting with Cotton
Knitting with cotton can be frustrating for some knitters because of its inelasticity, but it is a good choice for light, breathable, utilitarian items. Here are some great tips for knitting with cotton.

Knitting with Bamboo Yarn
Bamboo yarn is a lot of fun to work with and produces beautiful knitted items that are also antibacterial. Here's more information on pros, cons and tips for knitting with bamboo yarn.

What is Mercerized Cotton?
Mercerized cotton is a special kind of yarn that you might want to use for knitting projects. Here's a quick overview of what it is, how it's made and where it got its strange name.

How to Substitute Yarns
Substituting yarns is somethine every knitter has to do from time to time. Learn how to substitute yarns with ease and confidence.

What is Ribbon Yarn?
Ribbon yarn is a fun, novelty yarn that is great to use in accessories.

What is Mothproof Wool?
Mothproofed wool is like any other knitting wool, except that it has been treated with a chemical to help it repel moths.

How Do I Get Rid of Moths?
A moth infestation can be incredibly frustrating. Here are some tips on getting the moths out of your wool and yarn stash.

How Should I Store My Wool?
Storing wool to protect it from moths is very important since your stash can be a big investment. Here are some ides on how to protect your wool knitting yarn from moths.

Caring for Yarn Wearables
After you've spent hours on a knitted project, you want to make sure it lasts. These tips from Michaels will help you take care of your yarn after it's been made into a sweater, wrap or scarf.

The Yarn Directory
Yarndex, the Yarn Directory, can give you a good idea of what a yarn looks like and all the necessary details before you buy. The directory includes more than 3,000 yarns searchable by brand, weight, content and more. Clicking on a yarn will get you information about yardage, gauge, care and more, plus pictures of current and discontinued colors.

Frequently Asked Yarn Questions
A good quick introduction to the wonderful world of fiber. This site provides an overview of how yarn is put together, what it can be made of and provides a few specialty definitions.

Knitting with Bulky Yarn
Bulky yarn can be a lot of fun to work with, but it is not without its challenges. Learn more about knitting with bulky yarn and the pros and cons of working with fat fiber.

Six Ways to Make Your Knitting Greener
There are a lot of different ways to make your knitting greener; here are seven things to think about or do to make your craft habit a little less taxing on the planet.

Does Ply Have Anything to Do with Yarn Weight?
Knitters sometimes get confused about yarn weight and yarn ply and whether they have anything to do with each other. Learn more about how yarn ply affects yarn weight.

Phat Fiber Sampler Boxes
Want to learn more about indie yarn makers without the commitment of randomly buying skeins online? Check out the Phat Fiber sampler box.

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