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Recycling Yarn from a Knit Sweater


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Unraveling the Arms
Recycling sweater into yarn ball

Ripping out a sleeve from a knit sweater and making a yarn ball as you go.

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Now it's time to begin the unraveling that will allow us to recycle the yarn from the sweater.

It is immensely easier to begin unraveling from the bind off edge. If the top wasn't the bind off edge on the sweater you're ripping, you can always either look for the tail end of the yarn at the opposite edge or snip the yarn itself and begin to unravel. You'll lose a little yarn this way, but not much.

Unraveling a sweater is just like ripping back while you're still knitting. Just let it rip.

As you go, you'll want to roll the yarn you're ripping into a ball rather than leaving it to become too big of a messy pile before you start forming a yarn ball.

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