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Winding a Ball of Yarn into a Hank


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Getting Ready to Wind Your Ball into a Hank
Beginning to wind a skein from a ball of yarn

Securing the yarn to the chair in preparation for winding a ball into a hank.

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We knitters don't commonly need to wind a ball of yarn into a hank (sometimes also called a skein). Typically we're more interested in turning a hank into a ball so that we can knit with it.

If you spin your own yarn, you might have a need to make a ball of yarn into a hank for dyeing or other purposes, and if you recycle yarn from an old project or a thrift store sweater you'll likely want to turn your balls of salvaged yarn into hanks so that you can give them a wash to relax the fibers.

(Of course you can always move directly from ripping out the sweater or project to winding the yarn into a hank and skip the ball stage entirely. Use either method shown here.)

The first part of this tutorial shows how to wind yarn from a ball into a hank using the back of a chair to assist you; the second part shows the same basic procedure done with a yarn swift. This is handy if you have one, but not really that much faster.

To start winding a ball of yarn into a hank on a chair back, take the end of the yarn and loosely tie it to the chair. If your chair doesn't have slats, you could tape it instead.

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