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Women's Lacy Shrug


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Knitting the Back and Finishing
Women's Shrug Modeled

A closeup on the back of the Women's Lacy Shrug being modeled.

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Knitting the Back:

Work in Lace Ladder pattern as follows for 10 (11, 12, 13, 13.5) inches:

Row 1: *Slip, slip, knit, (yarn over) twice, knit 2 together. Repeat from * across.

Row 2: *Purl 1, (purl 1, knit 1) in the double yarn over, purl 1. Repeat from * across.

Knitting the Second Sleeve:

  1. Work in Stockinette Stitch for 4.5 inches (or the same length as your first sleeve), adding two stitches in the last row.
  2. Work in knit 2, purl 2 ribbing for 1.5 inches, remembering that the first two and last two stitches of each row are the same stitch.
  3. Bind off in pattern. Cut yarn and weave in ends.
  4. Use matress stitch to sew the sleeve seams, stitching one stitch in from the edge on each side.

Make a Custom Shrug:

Want to make a shrug in a different size or use a different gauge of yarn? Measure your or the recipient's upper arm circumference; the cast on number is based on this measurement. Multiply your measurement by your gauge, then find the closest multiple of 4 plus 2 to that number. That's how many stitches you'll cast on.

Make the ribbing 1.5 inches or depth of your choice, and the arm 4.5 inches or depth of your choice. The lace stitch needs a multiple of 4, so you must either increase or decrease 2 stitches somewhere in the arm portion after the ribbing.

The lace pattern is worked to a length roughly 4 inches less than the actual back measurement. Then work your second arm in the same way as the first, remembering to get back to your original cast on number before you begin the ribbing.

Then just sew up the arm seams and you've got a perfectly customized shrug!

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