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Checkerboard Stitch


Checkerboard stitch

Checkerboard Stitch

Sarah White

Works on multiples of eight plus four stitches.

Uses two colors, here called color A (dark purple in the picture) and color B (light purple).

  1. Cast on in color A.
  2. Row one: Knit four in color A, knit four in color B, loosely stranding the yarn that is not in use across the back of the work. Repeat across the row.
  3. Row two: Purl four in color A, purl four in color B across work.
  4. Rows three and four: Repeat rows one and two.
  5. Row five: Knit four in color B, knit four in color A across.
  6. Row six: Purl four in color B, purl four in color A across.
  7. Rows seven and eight: Repeat rows five and six.
  8. Continue in this manner, changing the order of the colors every four rows.

Used in the Checkerboard Hot Pad.

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