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Free Knitting Patterns: Sock Knitting Patterns

Socks, socks and more socks: here are plenty of patterns to keep your double-pointed needles (or circulars) humming).

Learn to Knit a Sock Sock
This super easy pattern takes you through the basics of sock knitting on a small scale with large needles. It aims to get you comfortable with all the techniques needed to knit socks without having to worry about knitting on tiny needles or if the finished sock will actually fit on a foot.

Women's Stockinette Stitch Sock
A Stockinette Stitch sock is as easy as sock knitting gets, and is a great way for new sock knitters to focus on the instructions without getting distracted by a complex pattern stitch.

Short Socks
Short socks are a quick and easy way to knit socks when you have a small yardage of a sock yarn, and they're great to wear during the summer for those times when you might want to wear real shoes or at least not be barefoot in the house.

Fleece Bed Socks
These easy Fleece Bed Socks are incredibly warm and cozy and a quick knit thanks tot he heavy worsted weight yarn.

Bulky Knee Socks
These big, beautiful socks will keep you warm no matter how cold it gets and are great to wear under boots if you have some that are a little big.

Women's Ribbed Socks
Ribbed socks are an easy but interesting departure from plain Stockinette Stitch socks, and the incredible stretchiness makes them really comfortable while they fit a range of sizes.

Women's Fair Isle Sock
Fair Isle or stranded knitting is a great technique to bring a bit of color to a basic project fast, as you can see with these simple Stockinette socks with stranded knitting across the leg in a checkerboard pattern.

Ribbed Infant Sock
This quick and easy infant sock is designed to fit a baby with a shoe size around size 4, but because it is so stretchy it will likely fit children with even larger feet.

Men's Woven Rib Sock
This Woven Rib men's sock is easy to knit but a little more entertaining than a basic Stockinette Stitch or ribbed sock. Despite the size it's still pretty quick to knit and you'll be surprised how that one little row of purling keeps you entertained.

Worsted Cabled Socks
Knit socks of all types are wonderful things, but socks knit with sock-weight yarn can take a really long time to knit. Using medium or worsted weight yarn speeds up the process considerably, giving you super-warm socks for the winter months.

Rib Fantastic Socks
These lacy ribbed socks are a lot of fun to knit and to wear and beautifully show off a subtle hand-dyed yarn.

Simple Toe-Up Socks
These easy Stockinette toe-up socks will teach you all the basics to get you comfortable with knitting socks from the toe.

Bulky Lace Boot Cuffs
These boot cuffs use a fun lace pattern from a Nicky Epstein book to bring more style to fall and winter days.

Fair Isle Legwarmers
These stranded legwarmers use easy repeating motifs to help you gain experience with Fair Isle and get the project done quickly.

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