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Knitting Patterns for the Warmest Scarves

Keep Yourself Cozy with Knitting


People knit different garments for different reasons, but when the coldest days of winter set in, you want a pattern that you know is going to make a nice, warm scarf for you. These are the best knitting patterns for the warmest scarves, projects that will keep you cozy no matter what the weather throws at you.

Staghorn Cable Scarf

staghorn cable scarf
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This is probably the warmest scarf knitting pattern available here at About.com Knitting and with very good reason: the scarf is a double thickness so that the back side of the cable doesn't show. This makes for slower knitting than a one-sided scarf of the same length would be, but the warmth factor is well worth it.

Favorite Color Scarf

favorite color scarf
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Using lots of different strands of yarn held together makes for a big, quick knitting project, and when those yarns are all wool, you also get a very warm scarf. That's the thinking behind the gorgeous and super-easy Favorite Color Scarf. Pick up a few skeins of your favorite colors, some size 50 needles and in no time you'll have a huge scarf to help stave off the cold.

Basketweave Scarf

basketweave scarf
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Another way to get a warm scarf knit quickly is to use a really bulky yarn, as in the Basketweave Scarf. This one can literally be whipped up in a few hours, and the super bulky yarn is warm and comfortable. The basketweave pattern adds interest in the knitting and the wearing.

Pocket Scarf

pocket scarf
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Your scarf can keep you extra warm when it also serves as a place to put your hands. The pockets in this Pocket Scarf are simply made by folding over the ends of the scarf and sewing the side seams, and they're a great place to stash a little packet of tissues or some lip balm if you work in a cold office and wear your scarf all day long.

Women's Sampler Scarf

women's sampler scarf
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This Women's Sampler Scarf is among the warmest scarves because it's so darn wide. You can fold the scarf in half and have a double thickness of warmth around your neck (or cast on fewer stitches and make the scarf longer, but it's really the part around your neck that helps keep the wind out the best).

Horizontal Scarf

horizontal scarf

There's nothing inherently warm about the Horizontal Scarf knitting pattern, other than the length of the scarf, which allows you to wrap it around your neck multiple times. But knitting a scarf horizontally means you can make it as wide as you want, too; just stop when you think you've got enough width to keep yourself cozy.

Candle Flame Cowl

candle flame cowl
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A cowl is not, strictly speaking, a scarf, but it is something that wraps around your neck and can help keep you warm. The Candle Flame Cowl is a beauty, worked in wool yarn that's sure to keep you warm and with a design that's sure to turn heads no matter what color you knit it in.

Razor Shell Scarflette

razor shell scarf
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It may be hard to believe that such a tiny project can be warming, but the Razor Shell Scarflette is a great choice for a base layer (a scarf you tuck into your shirt, maybe?). That's because it's made out of cashmere, which is super-soft and, yes, really warm. You might still want a bulkier scarf on really cold days, but this bit of luxury against your skin will almost make the cold days worthwhile.

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