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Free Scarf Knitting Patterns

Try out a new stitch pattern or technique on a scarf with one of these scarf knitting patterns.

Knitting Patterns for the Warmest Scarves

People knit different garments for different reasons, but when the coldeswt days of winter set in, you want a scarf knitting pattern that you know is going to make a nice, warm scarf for you. These are the best knitting patterns for the warmest scarves, projects that will keep you cozy no matter what the weather throws at you.

4x4 Red Woven Scarf
This free knitting pattern is a quick and easy knitting pattern for a woven pattern scarf.

Basketweave Scarf
This free knitting pattern for a basketweave scarf is easy for beginners, quick to knit and super warm.

Beginner's Garter Stitch Scarf
This is a perfect first knitting project for any beginning knitter because all you have to do is knit. It's also a very quick project, which a beginner could complete in a weekend and a more advanced knitter could pull off in a few hours.

Box Stitch Scarf
The box stitch is an easy knitting stitch that makes a fabric with a lot of texture. This scarf uses the stitch to make a chenille yarn a little more interesting.

Bulky Ribbed Scarf
This super quick and easy ribbed scarf is the perfect last-minute project for a gift or a great way to warm yourself or a family member all winter long. Make the scarf even longer (or better suited for a man) by omitting the fringe.

Candle Flame Cowl
This Candle Flame Cowl uses a lovely lacy pattern to add interest, but the bulky yarn means you'll still be cozy even though there area few holes in your finished project.

Condo Knit Scarf
Condo knitting is a fun technique that uses two different sized needles on different rows of the same project. This simple sport weight condo knit scarf is the perfect accessory for springtime.

Farrow Rib Scarf Pattern
This free knitting pattern is for an easy-to-knit farrow rib scarf.

Favorite Color Scarf
Knitting a scarf with a bunch of different yarns on huge needles is a quick and easy way to finish a project. Choosing yarns that are all in the same color makes for an interesting look and the perfect gift for someone when you knit them a scarf in their favorite color.

Feather and Fan Stole
This Feather and Fan Stole is a pretty quick and easy knit despite its size and is a great way to show off different colors of a yarn you like.

Felted House Scarf
Everyone who has read a Harry Potter book or seen one of the movies knows about the house scarves, and knitters the world over have been making their own interpretations of them for years. This is mine; a felted striped scarf with a classic, masculine look.

Fizzy, Fuzzy Scarf
Combining a colorful, playful yarn with one that is more conservative is a lot of fun and can make for amazing results, as this free scarf knitting pattern shows.

Free Scarf Knitting Patterns
A gallery of free knitting patterns for scarves that are available from About.

Fun Fur Knitted Scarf
Eyelash yarn or fun fur is a great product that is like nothing else you've worked with. A quick and easy scarf made of this fun yarn is reminiscent of a feather boa and brings a bit of pizzazz to your everyday wardrobe.

Fuzzy Garter Stitch Scarf
Garter Stitch scarves are quick and easy, but they can be a little boring. This fuzzy scarf adds a bit of fun with a wispy yarn that makes this project irresistibly soft as well as super-quick to knit.

Garter Dropped Stitch Scarf
This quick and easy Garter Stitch Scarf with dropped stitches is a great way to show off a beautiful skein of handspun yarn.

Horizontal Scarf
Turn basic scarf knitting on its head with a Horizontal Scarf. Knit side to side rather than lengthwise, you'll be finished in just a few rows. It's a great way to use up largish scraps of yarn, too.

Mobius/Infinity Scarf
This easy mobius scarf or infinity scarf is worked with a twist on purpose and is great to wear wrapped once or twice around your neck for tons of warmth.

Pink Ribbon Eyelash Scarf
This easy pink eyelash scarf uses two different types of eyelash yarn, or you can combine two of the same yarn (in any color you like) for a quick, easy and fun-to-wear project.

Pocket Scarf
A scarf with pockets is handy because it gives you a place to put your hands or small items when you're walking around. It's the perfect thing to throw over your shoulders if you work in a cold office.

Pomp Scarf
Red Heart's Pomp-a-Doodle yarn is a fun yarn accented with pom-poms. One skein is all you need to knit up this cute little neck warmer.

Razor Shell Scarflette
This cashmere scarflette is worked in an easy Razor Shell rib pattern that makes a lovely looking scarf that's plenty warm despite its small size.

Rice Stitch Scarf
Rice Stitch is an easy stitch pattern that brings a lot of texture to any project. This super-long scarf is quick and easy to knit and will keep people of any height warm throughout the cold season.

Ridged Stockinette Scarf
This simple variation on Stockinette Stitch makes quick work of a bulky scarf and shows off the color variations in a lovely yarn well.

Ripple Stitch Scarf
Ripple Stitch is a fun and easy knitting stitch, and this Ripple Stitch Scarf knit in bulky yarn knits up in a flash for gift giving or almost-instant warmth.

Ruffles Scarf
This scarf combines Lion Brand's fun Ruffles Yarn with a warm wooly blend for a cozy scarf with a fancy look.

Shibori Felted Scarf
Knit and felt an easy scarf using the shibori technique.

Slanted Scarf
This easy scarf is knit out of self-striping yarn with a slanted edge at the beginning and end to make it a little more interesting. This is a quick and easy project for knitters of all skill levels.

Staghorn Cable Scarf
This staghorn cable scarf is super warm thanks to being knit in the round for a double thickness, so you never have to see the less-attractive back of the cable panel.

Stash Scarf
If you have a bunch of little extra balls of medium weight yarn lying around, you can easily and quickly knit yourself a Stash Scarf of whatever length and width you like. This basic pattern will give you some ideas to get started.

Striped Mistake Rib Scarf
This easy striped Mistake Rib Scarf can be worked in two colors or multiple colors to use up lots of yarn from your stash.

Thick and Thin Stockinette Scarf
This easy Stockinette Stitch scarf has a lot more interest than Stockinette normally does because of the thick and thin yarn that also makes this a really quick project.

Women's Sample Scarf
This wide but short Sampler Scarf is really quick to knit in a super-bulky yarn. There's even a hat to match, and both can be made with just two skeins of yarn.

Stash-Busting Stockinette Scarf
Use up some of your stash fast with this easy, pretty and warm Stockinette Stitch Scarf.

Garter Stitch Cowl
This easy Garter Stitch cowl is a great way to use up a little bit of yarn from your stash that you've been wondering what to do with.

Garter Stitch Striped Cowl
This circularly knit cowl is worked in three colors of wool to giant size that is sure to keep you warm no matter how cold winter gets.

Rainbow Scarf
Knit a rainbow scarf for St. Patrick's Day, Pride events or any day that needs a little more color.

Rambling Reversible Cable Scarf
This pattern by Nicky Epstein produces a dramatic reversible cabled scarf worked in circles that are joined together.

Spring Eyelet Cowl
This quick and easy cowl is a great project for spring or summer because of the lightweight yarn and the eyelets that make it more breathable.

Zig Zag Lace Scarf
This easy lace pattern uses purls on the wrong side for a quick project that's great for warmer weather.

Striped Chenille Scarf
This easy striped scarf is worked in Garter Stitch with two colors, one of which has stripes getting shorter and the other getting longer as you knit.

Bias Knit Scarf Free Knitting Pattern
This scarf is worked on the bias in a self-striping yarn making for fun twisting stripes and a corkscrew appearance.

Ribbed Striped Scarf
This super bulky ribbed scarf uses a bit of contrasting color for a little more interest but is still super quick and easy to knit.

Ridged Eyelet Cowl
Knit a quick cowl for a kid or an adult with this fun textured pattern that's easy to remember once you get started.

Two-Texture Garter Stitch Scarf
Combine two textures of yarn with a simple knitting stitch for a striking scarf with a lot of visual interest.

Funky Multi-Yarn Cowl
This simple cowl worked with a funky, crazy ball of yarn, looks intricate and fun with very little work on the knitter's part.

Lace Fabric Knit Scarf
Use fun lace fabric yarn to knit a quick, easy and dramatically romantic scarf.

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