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Knitted Flowers

A Bouquet of Great Design

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Knitted Flowers

Knitted Flowers by Nicky Epstein.

Nicky Epstein Books.

Knitting flowers is a lot of fun and an easy way to add a little something special to a project. Nicky Epstein shares a ton of ideas for making flowers from fiber in her Knitted Flowers book.

The book offers patterns for flowers made with pattern stitches, constructed of individual petals, worked as cords, felted and cut from flat felted fabric, meaning you're sure to find some quick and easy projects here that suit your style. There are also larger projects for bags, cardigans and other items that use the floral patterns.

The Flowers

Most of the individual flower patters in Knitted Flowers are pretty easy and straightforward, requiring a page or less of instructions. The flowers use a variety of materials and techniques -- it may surprise you that there are so many different ways you can make a flower with knit stitches.

There's the simple spiral of the American Beauty rose, worked in a polyester suede-look yarn; the sweet, scalloped Buttercup with French knot center; the Fringe Loop Stitch Flower, worked in ribbon yarn, a perfect choice for decorating a gift; the funky Passion Flower, adorned with a purchased polka dot and feather trimming; Wallflower, constructed of cute individual petals that remind me of a shamrock; the simple but striking Corkscrew Flowers; Felted Cord Sweetheart Flowers, which use wire to help shape the cord into heart shapes; the felted Trumpet Flower, with bits of beading used to form the pistil; and the stacked Three-Petal Flower, using cut felt of three different colors, just to name a few of the designs you'll find.

None of the individual flower patterns are beyond the knitter who knows how to increase, decrease and sew, making this a great book for knitters of all skill levels. Those with more experience might want to try their hands at one of the full projects in the book.

The Patterns

In addition to the flower patterns, there are 10 patterns that incorporate flower motifs, including a pillow decorated with roses, a couple of bags, bridal gloves, a poncho, a cardigan trimmed with flowers and flower motifs used to decorate a pair of fancy shoes.

While a couple of these patterns are pretty simple, others are more involved, but they're not beyond the advanced beginner or intermediate knitter.

There's a Necklette in true Epstein style (a bunch of flat flowers joined together into a sort of necklace, a simple belt made of suede yarn held together by a series of embellished flowers and the dramatic felted trellis bag adorned with roses pictured on the cover.

Even if you never knit one of these projects, they show the wide range of things you can do with knit flowers, which just encourages you to knit more of them.

Bottom Line

Flowers are quick and easy knitting projects that are fun to make and display on their own, use to adorn a gift, add to a knit hat or bag or simply wear as a brooch. They can be added as an afterthought or worked with the intention of them being the showcase of a project.

Either way, Knitted Flowers offers any knitter who likes the look of flowers a multitude of ideas for knitting and using flowers alone or in projects. This book is sure to inspire knitters and keep them working floral designs for a long time after flipping through the pages.

Publication date: February 2010 (paperback edition)

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Disclosure: A review copy was provided by the publisher. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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