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Knit Fix

Fix Your Knitting Woes

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Knit Fix.

Knit Fix by Lisa Kartus

Interweave Press

A lot of people who knit are lucky to have wise knitting friends who can help decipher pattern language and set them right when mistakes are made. But some people don't know anyone else who knits, or you might not want to call your knitting guru at midnight when you drop a stitch and don't know what to do.

Knit Fix: Problem Solving for Knitters by Lisa Kartus is a fins substitute for a knitting friend. It shows you all sorts of mistakes you could make with your knitting (and a few you've probably already done) as well as providing detailed instructions on how to fix them.

Help is on the Way

No matter what problem you get yourself into in knitting, there is always a way to fix it. Yes, sometimes that fixing involves tearfully tearing out inches and inches of knitting and starting over, but many fixes are less dramatic than that.

Before you go about fixing your mistakes, however, Kartus thinks it's important for you to know what kind of knitter you are. You need to understand your personal knitting philosophy and what mistakes you think are worth fixing.

I know some knitters shudder at the thought that any mistake is not worth fixing, but it's important to think about who the knitted object is for, how obvious the mistake is and if the recipient will notice it, whether you can make the mistake a "design feature" and other issues when pondering to rip or not to rip.

Once you've decided you need to fix a given mistake, this book offers advice on tons of different potential problems, including:

  • Picking up dropped stitches
  • Fixing twisted stitches
  • Fixing skipped stitches
  • Fixing incorrectly crossed cables
  • Fixing a mistake in a color chart

All Problems Big and Small

A section called "Solving Knitting Problems Before They Grow" is a great place for new knitters to see some things that might cause them problems, such as making a twisted loop when joining knitting in the round, making buttonholes, picking up stitches, finishing, blocking and more.

For knitters who are more experienced and comfortable with their craft, there's also a section on "Extreme Fixes," which involves changes you can make in a project after you've finished knitting, such as adding afterthought pockets to a sweater, shortening or lengthening a piece, decreasing the body width and altering the sleeves. While not for the faint of heart, Kartus' descriptions and the clear drawings make you feel like you could make these scary fixes if you had to.

A final section of the book deals with gauge, fit, revising a pattern and choosing the right yarn, all of which can help solve knitting problems before they become major issues.

This book is a wonderful go-to book for knitters of all skill levels. While it's a little big to carry at all times in your knitting bag, you'll still want to keep it close, and keep it open in front of you whenever you're working on fixing a mistake in your knitting.

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