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Knitting Podcasts

Knitting podcasts give you a chance to connect with knitters no matter where you live. Listen in on a little knitting news with the help of online podcasts.

Berroco Audio Slideshows
A combination audio and slideshow, the Berroco multimedia section includes notes on new patterns to provide a deeper preview of new knit booklets.

Cast-On is a fun podcast with lots of great music and lots of opinions about all things knitting. It also includes fiction, essays, monologues and more -- often knitting related.

It's a Purl, Man
Broadcast by a male knitter in Boston, It's a Purl, Man is somewhat sporadically published, but it features interviews, information about yarn and fun music.

The Knit Picks podcast is my absolute favorite. This weekly broadcast often includes a little knowledge about knitting, a section on books that usually includes several must-haves and news about what's on Kelley's needles and new stuff from Knit Picks.

Knit Together
A podcast by two Christian women who seek to encourage people's love of knitting and Jesus. They say they're "normalish" women who talk enthusiastically about knitting, current projects, knitting news, tips and more.

Let's Knit2gether
A video podcast about knitting, Let's Knit2gether features information about yarn, projects on the needles, technique demonstrations and much more.

Lime and Violet
Billed as a podcast for the yarn obsessed, Lime and Violet is a funny, weekly podcast that sometimes strays a bit from knitting but is always entertaining.

Don't be scared by the name of this podcast. In reality, this is a fun podcast that's all about empowering knitters to take control, be fearless, and, when all else fails, consider your mistake a design feature. Podcast entries are mixed in with other blog posts.

Ready, Set, Knit!
Ready, Set, Knit! is the podcast of a radio show presented by Webs, an excellent yarn store with a great website. The shop is in Massachusetts and you can hear the show on the radio on Saturday mornings.

Stash and Burn
This fun podcast is about all things knitting and living with the stash. It's very chatty and inspirational, and the website includes tons of links to the topics covered.

Sticks & String
Knitting podcasts aren't just for women--this great podcast is broadcast by a male astrophysicist knitter and spinner in Australia. It's a weekly show done in a series format, so there are semi-regular breaks in the program.

Yarn Thing
Yarn Thing is a very chatty and conversational blog by a stay-at-home mom living in Colorado. She knits and crochets, and talks and laughs about it all.

YarnCraft is the podcast produced by Lion Brand Yarn. It is published twice a month and includes information about knitting, crochet and other yarn crafts, as well as inspiration for yarn crafts.

Knitting Podcasts
Lots of knitters have podcasts in which they share information about what they're knitting, tips and more. If you have a podcast, let us know about it here. See submissions

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