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Free Knitting Patterns: Patterns for Toys

Free knitting patterns for toys, doll clothing and toy accessories.

Hug Doll
Inspired by the "Hugs" doll in a Mastercard commercial, this easy to knit hug doll is worked in two colors in Garter Stitch and embellished however you like with bits of felt.

Baby Block
This easy garter stitch baby block is super quick to knit and a bunch of them are fun for babies and toddlers to play with. They're perfect for the stacking and knocking down phase, since they're quiet!

Felted Toy
If you don't have felt swatches lying around, you might just want to knit one up quick to make this cute felted toy, which could also be used as a Christmas ornament.

Bias Garter Doll Blanket
This cute little doll blanket is a bias garter stitch square, so it's perfect for beginners who are just learning how to increase and decrease. A good project for a young knitter as well.

Knit Snake
This knit snake is super easy to knit on three double-pointed needles, and can be made as large or as small as you like.

Knit Bear
Knit toys are a lot of fun to make and to play with, and this fat little bear is no exception. He's great practice for knitting with double-pointed needles and he's very squishable.

Hourglass Doll Dress
Use up a bit of leftover sock yarn on this quick and easy hourglass-shaped dress with ruffle perfect for a fashion doll.

Toy Hammock
Use this free knitting pattern for a Toy Hammock to help organize your play room or kid's bedroom, and put stuffed animals in their place.

Monster Amigurumi
Knit your own monster with my free knitting pattern for a Monster Amigurumi. Inspired by a spider, this freestyle project came out looking a bit more Cthulhu-esque.

Doll Tank Dress
This easy Doll Tank Dress is worked in two shades of a shimmery bamboo yarn, providing the perfect summer look for your 14-inch dolls.

Beach Ball
Use this free knitting pattern to make a soft and squishy beach ball toy.

Striped Bunny/Animal
This cute little bunny or stuffed animal is a great way to use up some yarn from your stash, whether you work in two stripes or several.

Knit Easter Bunny
This cute little Peep style bunny is worked easily in two pieces and stuffed and sewn for extra cuteness.

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