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Pumpkin Hat


Baby Pumpkin Hat.

Baby Pumpkin Hat

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Cutie Pumpkinhead:

There's just something adorable about a cute little hat on a baby's head. Since knitting baby hats takes no time at all, you can have one (or more!) for every holiday.

This pumpkin hat is built for newborns to babies of about 6 months, depending on the size of baby's head. It's practical, since it's getting cool most places by the end of October, and it makes a great quick "costume" with the addition of a Halloween colored onesie.


  • about 50 yards orange medium weight acrylic yarn (or wool, if you have some orange wool)
  • a scrap, less than 2 yards, of brown acrylic yarn
  • one size 7 US circular needle, 16 inches long
  • one set of four size 7 US double-pointed needles
  • scissors
  • crochet hook or yarn needle


About 6.5 stitches and 5.5 rows in double ribbing in the round.


Finished size is 11 inches around unstretched and six inches tall, not counting the I-cord. Because the hat is all ribbing, it is very stretchy and will fit a head about 18 inches around.


  1. Cast on 68 stitches with orange yarn. Join in the round, being careful not to twist stitches. Place stitch marker if desired.
  2. Work in double rib for five inches.
  3. On the next row, *Knit two, knit two together (k2tog). Repeat from * across; 51 stitches remain.
  4. Next, *Knit 1, k2tog. Repeat from * across; 34 stitches.
  5. K2tog across the row; 17 stitches.
  6. K2tog across, then knit the last stitch; 9 stitches.
  7. K2tog across again, end knit 1; 5 stitches.
  8. Use brown yarn to knit an I-cord with the last five stitches. Make it as long as you like; mine is five rows.
  9. Bind off. Cut yarn and weave in ends.

Pattern Tips:

  • Change to the double-pointed needles when you can no longer comfortably knit on the circular needle. You could also knit in the round with two circulars to finish the project if you prefer.
  • When finishing the hat, pulling the brown yarn tail down through the I-cord tube will help tighten the tube so it looks uniform on all sides.
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