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Bulky Fingerless Gloves


Fingerless glove

Fingerless glove on hand.

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Warm Hands, Warm Heart:

Fingerless gloves are essential if you're the sort of person who is cold even inside buildings. These bulky mitts are perfect for wearing while working -- or knitting -- because your fingers are free to move. They're also great to wear outside when you want to stay warm but still be able to use your fingers.


  • one ball, about 80 yards, of super-chunky wool (I used Rowan Big Wool in Cloak and had a little left over)
  • two pairs of size 15 US circular needles (you could also use double-points, but I didn't happen to have any in that size)
  • stitch marker (optional)
  • stitch holder
  • scissors, yarn needle or crochet hook


2.5 stitches and 3 rows per inch in Stockinette Stitch worked in the round.


Finished project is 9 inches long and 8 inches around.

On a small woman, these gloves cover about half the forearm and go over the whole palm. The thumb is covered to the knuckle. Adjust the length as desired. They fit a small or medium-sized woman with little stretch, but they also stretch enough to fit a medium-sized man.

Instructions for Body:

  1. Using the long-tail cast on, cast on 18 stitches using one set of circular needles or one double-pointed needle.
  2. Slide the stitches to the other end of the needle and slip the first nine stitches that were cast on onto the second circular needle (or divide onto three double-points). Place a stitch marker before the last stitch on the second needle if desired to mark the end of the row.
  3. Join in the round, being careful not to twist stitches.
  4. Knit in Stockinette Stitch for about 7 inches, or to desired length before thumb. To knit using two circulars, knit the first 9 stitches with one set of circular needles and the second stitches with the other set.

Instructions for Thumb:

  1. On the next row, knit the first 6 stitches on the first needle, then slip the last 3 stitches from that needle and the first 3 stitches from the second needle onto a stitch holder. Knit the last 6 stitches, remembering to pull tight when you switch needles.
  2. Continue to knit in the round on 12 stitches for 2 inches or to desired length.
  3. Bind off loosely. Cut yarn.
  4. Slide 3 stitches off your stitch marker onto one needle and 3 stitches onto the other needle. Knit these 6 stitches in the round 1.5 inches or to desired length. Bind off loosely. Cut yarn, leaving a long tail.


  1. Use a tapestry or yarn needle and the long tail to sew up any hole that appears between the thumb and the hand. Weave in ends.
  2. Make the second glove in the same manner.

About the Yarn:

Rowan Big Wool is a joy to work with. This bulky, soft, 100 percent merino wool yarn just begs to be made into a project like this that will get a lot of use and keep the wearer very cozy. Because this is merino wool, the yarn has a nice "halo" and is very durable and low on the itch factor.

Because it is fine wool, the manufacturer recommends hand washing in cool water. Do not agitate the fiber. Reshape the garment and allow to air dry out of direct sunlight.

The color I used does not seem to be widely available any longer; Tremble would be a good subsitute, or use any of the 28 colors you like.

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