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Machine Knitting Tips and Tricks

How to find the best knitting machine for your needs and budget, as well as tips for getting the most out of your machine and patterns you can use as you get comfortable with your knitting machine.
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Though not regularly updated, the Machine-Knit site offers a good archive of information you might need someday about your knitting machine. If you're stumped about how to replace a part, make a buttonhole, pick up stitches or do other fancy things with your machine, odds are you'll find some tips here.

Selecting a Knitting Machine
This amazing article runs down the most popular knitting machines in different weights. If you are thinking about buying a knitting machine and aren't sure which machine to pick, this article will give you a lot to think about. It won't make the decision for you, but you'll be a lot more informed after reading it.

Roni Kunston's Machine Knitting Page
This no-frills site by a machine knitter who sells machines and patterns in Canada is a good source for information on a variety of machines. The page also includes a good number of free patterns and help sheets.

Daisy Knits
Daisy Knits is a great site full of lots of basic information about machine knitting, especially useful for owners of Brother machines. There are also some free patterns and patterns, machines and yarn for sale.

Superba Knitting
This excellent blog is perfect for users of the Superba/White/Singer/Phildar knitting machines (different names in different countries). It includes patterns, common abbreviations, advice on setting up your machine and much more.

Knitting Any Way
Dedicated to enjoying fiber no matter what way you prefer, this site has good patterns and lots of basic information on machine knitting (as well as spinning, sock making and more). The best part of this site is the animations that help you see how to make your knitting machine work.

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