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Knitting Basics for New Knitters


All the instruction, tips and advice you need to learn how to knit. From casting on, knitting, purl and binding off to the basic tools and patterns for your first project, here's all the information new knitters need to be a success.
  1. Casting On
  2. Basic Knitting Stitches and Styles
  3. Increasing and Decreasing
  4. Finishing
  1. Knitting Embellishments
  2. Tips for Beginners
  3. Help with Knitting Problems
  4. Felting, Spinning, Dyeing

Casting On

Casting On (c) Sarah White licensed to About.com, Inc.

There are many different methods of getting stitches on the needles, and every knitter seems to have her or his favorite. If you've never knit before, this is where you need to start. Knitters with more experience will find information on a variety of cast on methods.

Basic Knitting Stitches and Styles

Knit Stitch (c) Sarah White licensed to About.com, Inc.

There are two basic stitches involved in knitting: the knit stitch and the purl stitch. Learn how to form these stitches like a pro and you'll be knitting your first project in no time.

Increasing and Decreasing

Garter Stitch Bias Square (c) Sarah White licensed to About.com, Inc.

Once you've got the basics of straight knitting and purling down, there will come a time when you want to add or subtract stitches to add shape to a project. There are many different ways of increasing and decreasing stitches.


Now that you know how to cast on, knit and purl, you have to get those stitches off the needles to enjoy your knit projects. Learn how to bind off and other helpful finishing touches.

Knitting Embellishments

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Now that your knitting is done, learn how to make it a little fancier with pom-poms, tassels, and other fun embellishments.

Tips for Beginners

Take some advice from knitters with more experience as you begin your knitting journey. Here you'll find some tips and tricks to make learning to knit a little easier.

Help with Knitting Problems

Fixing a mistake (c) Sarah White licensed to About.com, Inc.

Every knitter has problems from time to time, not just new knitters. Here are some tips for the most common knitting problems, as well as some answers to nagging knitting questions.

Felting, Spinning, Dyeing

Once you have the basics of knitting down (knit, purl, increase, decrease, casting on, binding off, etc.) it's time to move on to the fanciful worlds of felting, spinning and dyeing. In this section you will learn how to take a knitted work and make it into the fabric-like wool material known as felt. You will also find information on spinning and dyeing your own yarn. Be sure to check the "Reviews" tab to find the best books on these techniques.

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