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Picot Bind Off


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Starting the Picot Bind Off
Casting on for picot bind off.

Casting on for picot bind off

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A picot bind off is a really cute way to add some girlish flair to an edge. While it does take more yarn and a little more time than usual to complete this bind off, it's really pretty and stretchy, making it a great choice for necklines on children's clothing.

The picot bind off can be varied greatly depending on how dramatic and how far apart you want the picots to be. You can work the bind off on just one stitch at a time to make the points very small, or you can do several at a time to make them very large.

For the purposes of this illustration, I chose to cast on two stitches and bind off four stitches for each point. No matter how many stitches you cast on, always bind off twice as many stitches for each point.

The first step to making a picot bind off is to cast on the appropriate number of stitches at the front of the needle with the stitches on it. This can easily be accomplished through the use of the cable cast on.

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