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Knitting Stitch Patterns S to T

Browse our collection of knitting stitches starting with stitch patterns that have names starting with the letters S through T.

3x3 Ribbing
3x3 rib is an easy ribbing pattern with a little more character than the narrower ribs.

Sailors' Rib
Sailors' Rib is an easy knitting stitch that involves twisting some stitches by knitting though the back loop, as well as horizontal rows of purls to give the piece even more texture.

Sand Stitch
Sand Stitch is the perfect stitch for people who like the look of purls but not having to do a lot of purling. It's a somewhat masculine stitch pattern that would be perfect for sweaters.

Seed Stitch
Seed stitch is a fun and simple stitch pattern that makes raised stitch areas that look like seeds.

Seed Stitch Checks
Seed Stitch Check is an easy knitting stitch pattern that alternates blocks of Stockinette Stitch with blocks of Seed Stitch. It provides great texture that would look good on a sweater, scarf or afghan, though it is not reversible.

Seed-Pearl Grid
Seed Pearl Grid is basically Stockinette Stitch with a grid of purls on the right side that make a box or grid-like pattern. It's a great alternative to plain Stockinette when you want something with a little more texture.

Seed-Pearl Stitch
This knitting stitch patterns looks a bit like little pearls (of purls) on a background of stockinette stitch in a square or grid pattern.

Seeded Rib
Seeded Rib stitch is an easy pattern with a quickly memorized repeat. It doesn't make a traditional stretchy rib but is a fun allover fabric, and it's reversible, making it versatile.

Shadow Rib
Shadow rib is an interesting knitting stitch pattern that looks interesting on both sides. It has wide columns of knits on the knit side and a collection of purls with twisted knit stitch columns on the purl side.

Single Rib
Single rib is a basic ribbing pattern stitch that is perfect for the edges of sweaters, afghans and other projects.

Slip Stitch Honeycomb Stitch
Slip stitch honeycomb, also known as loop stitch, is an easy pattern using slipped stitches to make texture on the other side of the work that looks like a honeycomb of diagonal lines.

Slip Stitch Ribbing
Slip stitch ribbing is a simple variation on a knit 3, purl 2 rib than involves slipping the center knit stitch so that it stands out a bit, giving your ribbing a nice architectural look.

Slip-Stitch Rib
The slip-stitch rib is one of the easiest slip stitch patterns, which gets its texture from slipping stitches with the yarn in front and knitting the next stitch.

Step Stitch
Step Stitch is an easy knitting stitch that makes a sort of cascade effect in the knit stitches along the fabric. It would be a nice choice for a variety of projects.

Stockinette Stitch
Stockinette stitch is one of the most basic knitting stitches out there, and it is one of the first stitch patterns most people learn.

Stockinette Stripes
Combining stripes of garter stitch and stockinette stitch makes the edges of a knitted piece a little less curly and can make a mistake look like a design element.

Supple Rib
Supple Rib is a knitting stitch pattern formed with an interesting technique of knitting a stitch and then purling that same stitch together with the next stitch, forming an unusual knotty looking fabric.

Trinity Stitch
Trinity Stitch, also sometimes called cluster or bramble stitch, is a cool textured pattern that requires knitting, purling and knitting again all in the same stitch. Once you get the hang of it, it's a lot of fun.

Turkish Stitch
Turkish stitch is a basic lace pattern in the genre known as faggoting. It's a one-row repeat that makes an open diagonal pattern on thin yarn and a more textured pattern when using thicker yarn.

Twin Rib
Twin Rib isn't a traditional ribbing pattern in that it's not really something that will cling to your body, but it's a great reversible, simple allover pattern for scarves, blankets and more.

Twisted Rib
Twisted Rib is an easy knitting stitch that gives ribbing just a little more texture and interest, good for projects that are all or mostly ribbed.

Twisted Stockinette Stitch
Twisted Stockinette stitch is a funkier version of the traditional stockinette stitch in which both the knits and the purls are twisted.

Twisted Tree
Twisted Tree is one of the easiest cable knitting patterns out there because you're only switching the order of one stitch at a time on a few rows, making a design that looks a bit like a gnarled old tree.

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