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Entrelac Knitting: Base Triangles


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Casting on for Entrelac Knitting
Cast on for Entrelac

24 stitches cast on to begin entrelac knitting.

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Entrelac knitting, a form of knitting that makes a fabric of textured diamonds and triangles, can seem a little intimidating at first because of the large number of steps and different pieces that are needed to put your knit fabric together.

This is the first in a series of step-by-step tutorials that will help you work through an entrelac swatch and learn how the pieces go together so you'll be able to work entrelac pieces in any size you like.

To follow along you'll need two colors of yarn (one will work but two makes it easier to see how the pieces stack on each other) and corresponding knitting needles.

For this tutorial, you'll cast on 24 stitches. To work entrelac in a different size, determine how many stitches you want each triangle or square to be (in this case it's 8) and multiply by how many of them you want across the row (in this case 3).

Some instructions suggest using a particular cast on technique (commonly the knit or cable cast ons) for entrelac, but I've tried different cast ons and don't find there's much difference, so long as you remember to cast on loosely.

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