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How to Add Beads to Knitting as You Go


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Put Bead on Crochet Hook
Bead on Crochet Hook

Placing a bead on a crochet hook to incorporate it into knitting.

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The absolute first step to knitting with beads without prestringing is to start your knitting project and knit as far as you want to go before placing any beads.

When you're ready to put a bead in place, you'll need your knitting project, the beads you want to use and a crochet hook small enough to hold the bead you're using.

For these pony beads used in the photos I used a size B crochet hook, but you'd need something even smaller for small beads (check out this crochet hook conversion chart for more on available sizes).

To prepare the bead for being placed on the knitting, slide it onto the crochet hook.

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