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Short Row Wrap and Turn


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Wrap and Turn on the Purl Side
Wrap and Turn a Purl Stitch

The purl stitch has been returned to the left-hand needle and is all wrapped up.

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Since sock heels are typically worked in Stockinette Stitch, you also will need to know how to wrap and turn on the purl side or when a purl stitch is facing you.

This requires a slightly different method to get the working yarn where you need it to be for the next knit row, but it's no more difficult.

First, work to the stitch that needs to be wrapped. Slip the stitch purlwise, then bring the yarn to the back of the work.Slip the stitch back to the left-hand needle and bring the yarn back to the front of the work.

Now the stitch is wrapped and when you turn the work over the yarn will be at the back of the work, ready to knit the next row.

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