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Pink Ribbon Loom Knitted Hat


Using a knitting loom.

Using a knitting loom.

Sarah White

Support Breast Cancer Awareness:

We all know that pink is the traditional color for breast cancer awareness. You can tie on a pink ribbon, wear a pink boa or knit up a cute pink hat for yourself or even for a friend or family member dealing with breast cancer.

It is, of course, important for people for have lost their hair to keep their heads warm, and this lovely hat will do just that while teaching you the technique of loom knitting.

What is Loom Knitting?:

Loom knitting is a fun method of "knitting" that doesn't use any needles. Instead, you put the loops on a "loom," which is usually either round or oval shaped, and work the stitches with a hook that looks more like a crochet hook than a knitting needle.

The result is a loopy fabric tube that is perfect for making into a hat because it's already hat shaped. You just have to close up one end and you're done.

Choosing a Knitting Loom:

If you've never worked with a knitting loom before, you can probably find one that will work for this project at your local craft store or yarn shop. The readily available ones are made of plastic, but there are higher-end models in different shapes and sizes that are made from wood.

Until you know you are going to enjoy loom knitting, don't spend a lot of money on fancy looms of different sizes. The size you're looking for for this project might be called "large" or "adult hat."


  • One large or adult-hat sized knitting loom
  • Knitting loom pick (it should come with the loom)
  • Pink worsted weight or bulky yarn of your choice -- I used Rowan Soft Baby, which has been discontinued, but was a wool, polymide and cotton blend
  • Sewing needle for closing up the top of the hat

Preparing the Loom:

To use the knitting loom, first loop the end of the yarn around the peg that is horizontal on the loom. Then loop the yarn around each peg in succession, from the back to the front clockwise and back around the back across to the next peg.

When you reach the peg that your end is wrapped around, you know you've reached the end of your "row." Wrap each peg one more time, sliding the loops down to the bottom of the peg as you go.

Once all your pegs are looped twice you can start knitting.

Loom Knitting:

Hold the loom pick tool in your right hand in any way that is comfortable for you. Hold the loom in your left hand. Each peg has a little groove in it and a dent in the base of the loom to make it easy to work the pick.

Starting at the beginning of the row (the peg immediately to the right of the horizontal peg you first wrapped the yarn around), use the pick to pick up the bottom loop and stretch it over the top of the top loop and the peg.

Continue in this manner all the way around the loom.

Working Your Hat:

After you've finished the first row, loop the yarn around the pegs in the same manner and the same direction as you did the first time. Keep working in this manner until your hat is as long as you need to cover your head.

I have a pretty small head, so my hats are about nine inches long when I do this. A good way to gauge how long your hat needs to be is to measure from the bottom of your ear to the top of your head. Add a little extra length because this brim of the hat rolls.

Also, using one strand of the Rowan yarn gives you a pretty loopy, airy hat, so for a hat with more warmth, hold two stands together.

Finishing Your Hat:

When you have worked your hat to the desired length, cut your yarn, leaving a foot-long tail. Thread the yarn onto your needle and use the needle to pick up the loops off each of the pegs.

Pull tight so that the top of the hat closes up. You might need to go through each loop twice to get the hole to close up completely. Weave the end of the yarn into the hat and you're done!

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