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Garter Stitch Eyelet Washcloth


Garter eyelet lace washcloth

Garter Lace Washcloth.

Sarah White

Spa Simplicity:

A huge trend in me time right now involves bringing spa treatments and other luxuries into the home. You can easily add a little homemade luxury with knit spa accessories like this garter stitch eyelet lace washcloth pattern.

Quick to knit and lovely to look at, it's knit in organic cotton for a soft and sustainable project.


  • one skein Lion Brand Organic Cotton (I used color 004, Cypress) or about 80 yards of worsted weight organic cotton of your choice
  • one pair size 6 US needles
  • scissors
  • crochet hook or yarn needle


18 stitches and 35 rows equal four inches in pattern. Gauge is not critical.


Finished size is 10 inches square.


  1. Cast on 49 stitches.
  2. Knit four rows.
  3. On row five, knit two together, yarn over across, ending with a yarn over and a knit one.
  4. Repeat these five rows for pattern until piece measures 10 inches, ending with the four knit rows.
  5. Bind off. Cut excess yarn and weave in ends.

About the Yarn:

Lion Brand Organic Cotton is a 100 percent organic cotton yarn that is produced in four naturally occurring shades (vanilla, almond, bark and cypress). That means no dyes are used on the yarn, and no herbicides or pesticides were used to grow the cotton.

It is recommended that the yarn be hand washed in cool or warm water and allowed to dry flat rather than using the machine.

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