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Free Knitting Patterns

Free knitting patterns from your Guide to Knitting include projects for men, women, children, pets, the home and more.
  1. Accessories (53)
  2. Afghan Patterns (18)
  3. Bag Patterns (24)
  4. Children's Patterns (35)
  5. Christmas Patterns (23)
  6. Hat Knitting Patterns (20)
  7. Home Patterns (66)
  8. Mitten Patterns (20)
  9. Patterns for Babies (54)
  10. Patterns for Men (16)
  11. Patterns for Pets (19)
  12. Patterns for Toys (13)
  13. Scarf Patterns (49)
  14. Shawl and Wrap Patterns (10)
  15. Sock Knitting Patterns (14)
  16. Sweater Patterns (14)

Most Popular Knitting Patterns of 2012
Check out the top 10 most popular patterns of 2012 based on page views at About.com Knitting.

Easy Knitting Patterns
Check out this list of easy knitting patterns for beginners to be assured that you are picking a pattern well within your skill level but that will also be fun and produce great results.

Most Popular Knitting Patterns of 2011
Check out the most popular knitting patterns of 2011 as selected by About.com Knitting's Readers

Most Popular Knitting Patterns of 2010
This selection of the most popular knitting patterns of 2010 includes all free knitting patterns published on About.com, not just those that were originally published in 2010.

Quick Knitting Patterns
These quick knitting patterns are designed to be easy on the knitter in terms of time, budget and (often) the mental energy involved in making them. They're great for gifts you need or want to be done with in a hurry, charity knitting, or whenever you want a quick project to occupy yourself.

Cable Knitting Patterns
Cable knitting is a lot of fun and actually not difficult, though it looks complex to people who have never tried it before. Here are a variety of patterns using cables on scarves, headbands, pillows and more, so whether you're new to cables or a bit more experienced, you're sure to find a fun project to try.

Stash-Busting Projects
Most knitters who have a stash eventually will feel the need to get rid of some of it, either by selling or giving some yarn away or by working on stash-reducing projects.
Here are some great ideas for projects that can use just one or two skeins of yarn or that use up the little leftover bits of yarn you might have from other projects.

Halloween Knitting Patterns
Knitting for Halloween can be a lot of fun, and these Halloween knitting patterns will give you some great ideas for decorations and costumes, whether you want a little glitz to wear with your work clothes or some ways to make your house a little more frightful.

Washcloth Knitting Patterns
I know a lot of knitters who really enjoy knitting washcloths and dishcloths. They're usually quick, easy projects made with inexpensive materials, so it's easy to see why so many knitters like them.

Mother's Day Knits
Doesn't your mom (or mother-in-law, or any other special mom in your life) deserve something really nice for Mother's Day (or her birthday, or Christmas, or whenever)? Why not make her day by making her something nice? This time around it won't be macaroni picture frames, but a hand knit gift that says you want her to relax, get cozy and enjoy.

Free Scarf Knitting Patterns
A gallery of free knitting patterns for scarves that are available from About.

Alphabet Charts for Knitting - Upper Case Letter Chart
These alphabet charts are a great choice for working a name, monogram or phrase into a knitting project in duplicate stitch or stranded knitting.

Garter Stitch Knitting Patterns
This collection of Garter Stitch knitting patterns shows a range of things you can do even if you only know how to make the knit stitch.

Ribbing Knitting Patterns
Ribbing is a fun way to add texture to just about any kind of knitting pattern, and there are tons of different ways to make ribbed fabrics, as this collection of free knitting patterns using ribbing demonstrates.

Peace Sign Chart
Use this Peace Sign Chart to personalize your knitting and add embellishments to T-shirts, sweaters and blankets.

Eileen Casey's Knitting Patterns
This list catalogs all of the free knitting patterns for the About.com Knitting site by knitwear designer Eileen Casey.

Butterfly Chart
Use this Butterfly Chart to add summer embellishments to T-shirts, sweaters, washcloths, blankets and other knitting projects.

Umbrella Chart
Use this Umbrella Chart to personalize your knitting and add embellishments to T-shirts, sweaters and blankets.

Halloween Ghost Chart
Use this Halloween Ghost Chart to personalize your knitting and add a spooky embellishment to T-shirts, sweaters, bibs, washcloths and blankets.

Textured Pumpkin Chart
Instructions for a textured pumpkin knitting chart to use on knit projects.

Intarsia Halloween Pumpkin Chart
Use this Pumpkin Chart to personalize your knitting and add embellishments to T-shirts, sweaters and blankets.

Most Popular Patterns of 2013
These 10 projects were the most popular knitting patterns at About.com in 2013 in terms of page views.

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