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Loofah Scrubbing Strap


Loofah Scrubbing Strap
Loofah Scrubbing Strap

Loofah Scrubbing Strap, shown folded.

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For scrubbing and exfoliating those hard to reach places on your back, a sponge or washcloth just won't cut it. But this loofah strap works wonderfully - just hold by the handles and pull back and forth across your back, just like you do when drying off with a towel.

This strap is made with hemp cord, readily available in the craft department in WalMart, at Joann's, or your local craft store.

Truthfully, this will not be the most comfortable project you have ever knit, what with the large needles and manipulating the stiff cord. However, 2 hours sees you from cast on to done, and these make great quick gifts paired with a fancy soap or lotion. And as a FYI, hemp is perfect for bathroom accessories as it is naturally resistant to mold and mildew.


  • 1 64.5 yard ball 4mm Natural Polished Hemp cord
  • 1 pair size 13 US (9 mm) needles
  • 1 M/N (9 mm) crochet hook
  • Scissors and tape measure


About 2 stitches to 1 inch in Garter Stitch. Gauge is not critical for this project.


About 5 inches wide by 22 inches long, excluding straps

Sample knit by Eileen Casey

Knitting the Loofah:

  1. Cast on 10 stitches.
  2. Work in Garter Stitch for 22 inches.
  3. Bind off loosely.
  4. With crochet hook, make a chain 20, and attach to end to make a handle.
  5. Make a handle for other end.
  6. Weave in ends with your crochet hook.
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