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Knitting and Felting: Felting Patterns

Whether you're new to felting or have been shrinking knitted items for years, here are some great felting projects for you to try.

Brick Stitch Felted Coin Purse
This easy Brick Stitch Coin Purse is worked in two colors, but slip stitches mean you're only knitting with one color per row. A quick felting makes the project sturdy and a zipper makes it more useful.

Felted Bag with Scarf Handle
Knitting and felting bags is a great way to use the felting technique, because a bag doesn't have to turn out a particular size. This felted bag is easy to knit and to use. The bright yarn is a lot of fun, and the use of a scarf as a handle means you can change it with the seasons.

Felted Box
If you have extra felted swatches lying around (or some wool in your stash you'd like to felt) a great use for those pieces is a felted box. It takes just five pieces of felt to make one; if you have a bunch of felted knitting you can make yourself a nesting set.

Felted Hot Pad
Hot pads are incredibly useful items to have in the kitchen, whether you're pulling something out of the oven or serving something hot on the table. Using a felted hot pad means you've got something nice, thick and heat resistant that you can knit up in no time.

Felted Fall Place Mat
Felting is a perfect addition to knitting for fall accessories. This felted placemat is generously sized and (if knit with the same yarn I used) is reminiscent of fall leaves or an autumn sunset.

Felted House Scarf
Everyone who has read a Harry Potter book or seen one of the movies knows about the house scarves, and knitters the world over have been making their own interpretations of them for years. This is mine; a felted striped scarf with a classic, masculine look.

Spring-Colored Felted Bowl
This quick knitting, spring-colored felted bowl is an easy first felting project and a perfect little bowl to hold yarn or give as a gift.

Felted Waldorf Color Cups
These felted cups are inspired by projects that might be used in a Waldorf or Montessori setting, but you can use them anywhere to add a colorful touch.

Shibori Felted Scarf
This felted scarf is a fun way to try out the shibori technique.

Knitty Gritty Felted Purse
This adorable felted bucket purse is easy to knit and fun to felt. From the DIY Network show Knitty Gritty, this project covers all the basics of felting and is a great pattern for beginners.

Flapped Bag
This cute felted bag has a variety of options for the flap closure. This is a good project for those new to knitting and to felting.

Knitted Bunny
This adorable felted bunny is made out of (what else?) angora yarn along with wool, making a very cute bunny that's full of texture.

Felted CD Box
Everyone needs more places to put their CDs, and this great striped box is the perfect thing for CDs or other small treasures you need to store.

Felted Needle Case
We all need a place to store our knitting needles with ease, and this easy felted knitting needle case is just the thing to keep your needles organized in style.

Little Girl's Fulled Backpack
Fulling is really the proper term for what most of us call felting; either way, this cute backpack is the perfect thing for your favorite grade-schooler.

Nagano Sakura
This beautiful felted scarf is inspired by the Japanese cherry blossoms, those beautiful, fleeting signs of spring. A quick project and a wearable work of art.

Ankle Sleeves
These felted legwarmers are designed to peek out just a little bit from under your jeans to bring a hint of color to your everyday winter wardrobe, but they can be worn in any way you'd normally wear legwarmers.

Felted Apple
The perfect fall decoration for any decor, these cute felted apples would look great on a wreath or even just in a basket on your table.

Felted Bookmarks
These bookmarks are a great use for leftover bits of yarn and make a thoughtful gift tucked into a book for your favorite reader.

Felted Bucket Bag
This easy-to-knit-and-felt bucket bag shows off how different stitches look when you felt them, though you can just as easily knit the whole thing in Stockinette Stitch for a super quick, easy and cute bag on the double.

Felted Market Bag
This felted market bag has attached knitted handles, an interior pocket and knitted decorative flowers.

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