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Striped Stocking


Striped Christmas Stocking

Striped Christmas Stocking.

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Simple Stripes:

This two-color striped stocking is a fun and colorful way to celebrate the season. Worked with bulky yarn on good-sized needles, it's a pretty quick project that can be knit in any two colors you like -- go with holiday classics or choose your team's favorite colors for a more personalized look.

The design is pretty straightforward but uses a short row heel rather than the more common heel flap. If you'd rather, you can use a heel flap and traditional turned heel, but it will require more yarn.


  • About 115 yards each of two colors of bulky wool (or acrylic, if you prefer a washable stocking)
  • set of 5 size 9 US (5.5 mm) double-pointed knitting needles
  • scissors and yarn needle


16 stitches and 20.5 rounds in Stockinette Stitch in the round (4 stitches and just over 5 rounds per inch). Gauge is not critical.


Finished stocking is about 13 inches around and 22 inches long from cuff to toe.

Beginning the Stocking:

  1. In first color, cast on 50 stitches. Divide onto 4 double-pointed needles (12, 13, 12, 13 stitches) and join in round, being careful not to twist. Place a marker to indicate the end of the round, if desired.
  2. Work knit 1, purl 1 ribbing for 8 rounds.
  3. Change to second color and work in Stockinette Stitch 8 rounds.
  4. Work 8 rounds in Stockinette in red, white, and so on until you have 8 stripes total (counting the ribbing).

Working the Heel:

  1. Change colors and begin working back and forth on 25 stitches as follows.
  2. Knit 24, turn.
  3. Yarn over, purl 23, turn.
  4. Yarn over, knit 22, turn.
  5. YO, P 21, turn.
  6. YO, K 20, turn.
  7. YO, P 19, turn.
  8. YO, K 18, turn.
  9. YO, P 17, turn.
  10. YO, K 16, turn.
  11. YO, P 15, turn.
  12. YO, K 14, turn.
  13. YO, P 13, turn.
  14. YO, K 12, knit 2 together, turn.
  15. YO, P 13, purl 2 together through back loop, turn.
  16. YO, K 14, knit 3 together, turn.
  17. YO, P 15, purl 3 together through back loop, turn.
  18. YO, K 16, k3tog, turn.
  19. YO, P 17, p3tog tbl, turn.
  20. YO, K 18, k3tog, turn.
  21. YO, P 19, p3tog tbl, turn.
  22. YO, K 20, k3tog, turn.
  23. YO, P 21, p3tog tbl, turn.
  24. YO, K 22, k3tog, turn.
  25. YO, P 23, p3tog tbl, turn.
  26. YO, K 24, k3tog, turn.
  27. YO, P 25, p3 tog tbl.
  28. Next, YO, knit across all but the last of the heel stitches (last stitch is a yarn over), slip the YO onto the next needle and knit 2 together. Work across to the last stitch of the leg, slip the first YO onto that needle and slip, slip, knit. 50 stitches remain.

Knitting the Foot:

  1. Continue with the same color used to work the heel and work five more stripes. Change colors again to work the toe.
  2. On needle 1, knit 1, ssk, knit to end. Needle 2, knit to within 3 stitches of end, k2tog, knit 1. Repeat on needles 3 and 4.
  3. Repeat this round 7 more times. 20 stitches remain.
  4. Cut yarn, leaving a long tail. Thread onto yarn needle. Slip stitches from needles onto yarn needle and pull yarn tight, securing the bottom of the toe.
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