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Free Knitting Patterns - Knitting Accessory Patterns

Free knitting patterns for all the accessories you can't live without

Drop Stitch Headband
Wrapping the yarn multiple times around the needle then dropping the extra "stitches" makes a cool effect on this simple and super-quick knit headband.

Moss Stitch Headband
This easy Moss Stitch Headband is full of texture and is a great way to show of a bit of hand-dyed yarn that might be a little more colorful than your usual wardrobe.

Handspun Flower
This simple knit flower is a great way to use a small amount of handspun yarn -- perhaps as a way to keep your first spinning efforts?

Ribbed Legwarmers
These easy ribbed legwarmers use two different kinds of ribbing and three different sizes of knitting needles to make shaping easy and comfortable.

Knit Valentine
This cute little heart panel is easy to add to a plain card to make a greeting for Valentine's Day or another holiday or special occasion.

Heart Headband
This cute, quick and easy to knit headband is embellished with a heart, making it perfect for Valentine's Day and beyond. It's sized to fit anyone from an infant to a grown woman.

Small Knit Heart
A small heart is a quick knitting project with a big impact when used to decorate a package, as holiday decor or even as an embellishment on a garment.

Pink Ribbon
Knit a pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness, or knit it in a different color to promote awareness of other issues close to your heart.

Plarn Coupon or Receipt Pouch
Using plastic yarn to knit something that you'll use while shopping is a fun way to repurpose those plastic shopping bags (and maybe get you thinking about using reusable bags instead). This easy little pouch is great for storing coupons, receipts or other little necessities.

Water Bottle Cozy/Carrier
This cozy and carrier for a metal water bottle is doubly clever because it makes it easier to tote around an alternative to plastic bottles and it's knit with a yarn partially made from plastic bottles.

Eyelet Headband
Have a cute skein of yarn you aren't sure what to do with? Try whipping up one of these fast and easy eyelet headbands. The stitch pattern makes it super quick to knit up without being too boring, and it's not too fancy to upstage (or get lost in) a yarn that's interesting in its own right.

Swatch Pillow
Knitting swatches for gauge or to try out a new knitting stitch is always a great idea, but what to do with the leftover swatches? If you've got a handful of swatches you can stitch up this quick and easy pillow case to show them off.

Knit Bead Necklace
The inspiration for this Knit Bead Necklace is Mardi Gras beads, but knit in a different color it could be worn as a cool choker (or longer necklace if you keep knitting) any time of year.

Cabled Cuff
This cute, chunky cabled cuff is a breeze to knit and a joy to wear. Make it in cotton for a casual look or go with wool for something that will keep your wrists warm in the winter.

PolarKnit Fleece Earwarmer
If you love Polartec fleece sweatshirts you will you PolarKnit, the yarn made out of the same material. This fleece earwarmer is a simple project that will keep you super warm through the winter months

Moleskine Cozy
People who love Moleskine notebooks are really crazy about them, decorating the covers and making them as personal as possible. For the knitter who loves Moleskine, here's a quick little knit cozy for your notebook.

Knit Cake
I call this cutie a knit cake, but while I was working it my mind was buzzing with possibilities for what else it could be. If you lined it (to hide the ugly back side of the embroidery) it could be a gift box, or you could use it as a bowl to stash your keys.

Linen Stitch Belt
Linen Stitch is a beautiful knitting stitch pattern that's really easy to work once you get the hang of it. It's a great texture for accessories like this belt, worked in hemp yarn.

Trinity Stitch Headband
Trinity stitch is a lovely, nubby pattern that brings life to even the plainest cotton yarns. This pattern for an easy headband will keep your hair out of your face and in style all summer long.

Knit Wire Necklace
This knit wire necklace is a very quick and easy project and a good introduction to knitting with wire. The stitches look like squiggles and the random placement of beads makes it extra fun.

Knit Wire Bracelet
This basic pattern can serve as a jumping-off point for any sort of wire bracelet you might like to knit. Follow the pattern exactly, use a different bead layout, make it narrower, the sky's the limit!

Lacy Tank Top/Bathing Suit Cover
Turkish stitch is a fun, basic lacy pattern that is perfect for summer. This rectangular tank can be worn over another tank top or at the beach on top of your bathing suit.

St. Patrick's Day Projects
These projects explore some fun ways to celebrate Irish heritage on St. Patrick's Day--or knit the projects in different colors and use them for any festive occasion.

Irish Rose
This felted, green rosette is the perfect accessory for St. Patrick's Day or any other time you feel like putting on the green. It's quick and easy to knit and can be felted by hand.

Irish Coffee Cozy
Celebrate you love of the Irish all year long with this quick knit Irish coffee mug cozy. Or knit it in any color you like to keep your mug warmer longer between sips.

Cabled Phone Cozy
This cute and useful cable phone cozy is perfect for pocket PC phones like the At&T Tilt or even the iPhone. It's easily customizable to fit your Blackberry or other PDA as well.

Projects for the Day of Love
If you're looking for a special project for Valentine's Day (or any other day when you're in the mood for romance), this list of Valentine-inspired projects should give you some ideas.

Knit Heart
This cute heart-shaped pillow or sachet is a nice quick and easy gift for Valentine's Day or any other time you want to show someone you love them.

Lace Headband
This cute headband is knit in pink and red stripes in Turkish Stitch, a very easy lace pattern. It's the perfect accessory for Valentine's Day or whenever you're feeling girly.

Valentine's Wristwarmers
The free knitting pattern for Valentine's Day inspired wristwarmers is a fun and festive project for knitters of all skill levels.

St. Patrick's Day "Necklace"
This fun skinny scarf or "necklace" is the perfect way to wear the green for St. Patrick's Day. Or, make it in a different color for any festive occasion.

American Flag Pin
This cute little American flag is a snap to knit up and would be perfect to wear as a pin or to use as part of your decorations for a patriotic holiday.

Cabled Bun Holder
Everyone with long hair needs more things to pull their hair back, and this cabled bun holder is a cool, quick-to-knit way to get your hair out of your face in a flash.

Cabled Headband
This free knitting pattern for a cabled headband and earwarmer is an easy way to learn how to knit cables and a perfect addition to your winter wardrobe.

Dropped Stitch Belt
The drop stitch is a fun and easy way to embellish basic designs. Here a simple drop stitch pattern is used to make a fun and funky dropped stitch belt, suitable for knitters of all stages.

Eyelash Headband
This quick-to-knit eyelash yarn headband is a perfect accessory for little girls who want to dress up, or women who want to add a little fun to their outfits.

Fingerless Gloves
Fingerless gloves are a wonderful, quick knitting project that you'll want to wear all the time when working on the computer or doing other tasks that require use of your fingers.

Fuzzy Flip Flops
This pattern shows you a neat way to knit over the thong on a pair of purchased flip flops to give them a cute, fuzzy look.

I-Cord Headband
The I-cord is a lot of fun to make, and here's a quick and easy way to use I-cord to make a functional headband. You'll want one to go with all of your outfits!

Knit Yellow Ribbon
This easy yellow ribbon lets you show your support for the troops and show off your knitting skills at the same time.

Quick Coffee Cup Cozy
This free knitting pattern for a coffee cup cozy is very quick to knit, but you or anyone you make this project for will get a lot of use out of it.

Halloween Boa
If you're one of those people who doesn't like to dress up for Halloween but still wants to wear a little something special, try this quick-to-knit Halloween boa. It's also great for kids who like to play dress up.

Knit Ghost
This cute knit ghost is easily knit up in the round from the head down. A little duplicate-stitched face and a couple of cotton balls give it a classic ghostly look.

Tiny Witch Hat
This easy and super cute little witch's hat won't fit a person's head but is perfect for using as part of your Halloween decor for home or office.

Ruffle Lariat
This easy Ruffle Lariat is a great way to highlight some handspun yarn -- whether your own or someone elses. The length of the rows means this project will take some time, but it's really easy and produces a beautiful result.

Eyelet Head Kerchief
This Eyelet Head Kerchief is based on a basic shawl pattern and makes a cute summery coverup for your hair.

Wide Moss Stitch Belt
This easy Wide Moss Stitch Belt is a fun way to glam up a simple outfit with a little texture and color thanks to Vickie Howell's Stitch. Rock. Love. Sheep(ish) yarn by Caron.

Knit Pink Ribbon
This simple and quick-to-knit pink ribbon is a great way to use a tiny bit of yarn to show your support for a great cause.

Candy Corn Pins
Knit candy corn is a calorie-free way to celebrate Halloween, and these beauties can be knit up in no time with almost no yarn.

Mambo Headband
Use a tiny bit of yarn with a big personality to knit a gift in a matter of minutes.

Star Stitch Cuff
Fancy up your wrist in no time flat with this quick and easy cuff using Star Stitch or Daisy Stitch.

Knit Wrap Bracelet
Knit up a length of I-cord using sock yarn and you'll have a cute, stylish accessory in no time, using very little yarn.

Garter Stitch Headband
This wide knit headband is super easy, quick and warm. Slip it around your neck to stay warm inside, then pull it onto your head when you go outside. Perfect!

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