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Sarah E. White

How to Join Strips of Knitting While You Knit

By February 1, 2013

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Yesterday I told you about my giant Garter Stitch project of the year. I love working on it because it's so few stitches at a time so it feels like you're making really good progress even though you're only adding a few inches in width with every strip.

joining strips as you knitPreparing to join the strip I'm knitting to the part of the afghan that's already been knit. Sarah E. White.

Another great thing about this project is that I decided to join the strips while I'm knitting instead of knitting individual strips and sewing them together as I go or at the end of the project. First, I know I would never actually do the sewing if I left it to the end (weaving in the ends is going to be enough of a chore) and that would defeat the purpose of stash-busting if I didn't finish the project.

I also like this method because it means I can "use" the blanket even as I'm knitting is. As I mentioned yesterday, it's only a foot wide but it's already six feet long, so that little strip is still pretty useful for wrapping up in while I'm knitting, and it will only get better as things move along. Of course, I'll be complaining about the same aspect of this project come July, but for now it's a plus.


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