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Sarah E. White

A Stretchy Bind Off for Toe-Up Socks and More

By October 10, 2012

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Just as there are lots of different ways to get stitches on the needles for toe-up socks, there are lots of ways to finish a sock, too. The only consideration needs to be that the bind off is stretchy enough for the sock to get onto your foot, but of course not so stretchy that it won't hold to your leg while you're wearing it!

stretchy bind offLook, it really is a stretchy bind off! Sarah E. White.

One of my favorite stretchy bind offs -- again because it's easy -- is known as Peggy's Stretchy Bind Off. This bind off requires a set up round in which you add stitches that are then slipped in the bind off round, adding a little bit of extra yarn to the mix that does, indeed, make a stretchy bind off.

You can also try the knit through the back loop method that Eileen Casey introduced us to, among others.

If you have a favorite bind off for toe-up socks or other projects that need a lot of stretch, I'd love to hear about it!


October 10, 2012 at 5:41 pm
(1) Newsitian says:

There’s a name for the bind off I use, but I can’t think of it right now. You do an opposite way wrap before you knit or purl your stitches and then bind off the stitch and the wrap at the same time. So you knit the first stitch, then you do a backwards yarn over, then knit the second stitch, and then bind off both the yarn over and the first knitted stitch. Then you would do another backwards yarn over, knit another stitch, and then bind off that yarn over and stitch. It is amazing just how stretchy that yarn over makes your sock cuff.

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