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Readers Respond: Tips for Left-Handed Knitting

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People who are left-handed and want to learn how to knit face a dilemma. Some people insist that left-handed knitters do better when they learn to knit in a mirror image of the way right-handed people knit, while others say it's no problem to learn how to knit the same way a right-handed person would, since both hands are needed to knit anyway.

If you're a left-handed person who knits or you're someone who's taught a left-handed person to knit, share your tips, tricks and which method of knitting you use to get the job done.

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Learn Left Handed Knitting

I've created a free step-by-step tutorial on how to knit left handed. If it was so easy because you are using two hands to knit, righties would never turn their work, and would, instead knit left to right and then left again. LeftHandedKnitter.weebly.com Also, doing things with your left hand rather than your right hand doesn't work if you follow most tutorials to the T. In fact, stitches end up twisted and tight. Mirror image knit/purling actually changes a right hand knit into the left hand purl, and vice versa. It is not complicated. In fact, all you have to do if you are right handed is sit knee to knee with a left handed person, and they will see things from a left handed perspective!
—Guest LeftHandedKnitter

Just Do the Opposite

Left handed knitting is hardly "complicated"! It's just an exact mirror image and when a pattern or something says "RH" or "LH" you just do the exact opposite. It is so simple! My mum taught me to knit and she knits right-handed, but it was super easy to just do the exact opposite of what she was showing me. Lefties, don't freak out! It is really simple to learn '"mirrored" knitting.
—Guest Jess W

Knitting Takes Both Hands

I have just taught my 8 year old granddaughter to knit, this afternoon. She is left handed, and just taught her the same as the right handed granddaughters, and she has picked it up quicker than them. I did nothing different this time. I had a lot of trouble teaching my left-handed sister, with mirrors etc. and found it confused the whole learning. So I would advice not to worry about left or right handed, as you use two hands to knit. I taught her same as my Nan, the rhyme, needle in, wool around, slip it through, and take it off. Good luck, once they have learnt, it is a craft which will take them through the rest of their lives. I am so glad I had a Nan who sat for very long hours to teach me. Thankfully my granddaughter was a lot easier to teach. Maybe the three years age difference helped.
—Guest Karen

Continental Purl Help, Please

I am left handed and have become a very competent knitter, my only problem is that when it says left side it is my right side, so I have to adjust the buttons accordingly. I had to teach myself to knit and crochet because no one could teach me. I am so left handed that I can't use my right hand to knit even if I tried. I have tried the Continental way, but don't know what to do when I need to purl. can anyone out there help me?
—Guest Gertie

Lefthand knitting

I have taught several people to knit left hand. I sit them next to me and have them do the same thing as I do. It seems to work as at least three that I know of are still knitting.
—Guest beatrice fortin

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Tips for Left-Handed Knitting

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