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Bernat Glow in the Dark Yarn


Bernat Glow in the Dark Yarn

Bernat Glow in the Dark yarn.

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A Yarny Glow:

Bernat introduced a new yarn for fall 2008: Glow in the Dark, a yarn which, as explained in the name, glows in the dark. When you put the yarn under light for five minutes, you can get five minutes of glow in the dark.

While a glow in the dark yarn would be a lot cooler and more useful if it glowed for a longer period of time (so that it would be a safety feature of a knit article as well as just something cool), this yarn is a fun novelty that's easy to work with and could combine well with other yarns.


  • Content: 70 percent acrylic, 30 percent polyester
  • Yarn Weight: Medium
  • Gauge: Ball band says 18 stitches and 24 rows per 4 inches on size 8 needles; I got 20 stitches and 24 rows on size 6 US needles
  • Yardage: 72 yards per 40 gram skein
  • Color Availability: Six pastel colors spun with white glow in the dark thread
  • Color Used in Swatch: Glow Worm White


Berroco Glow in the Dark is easy to knit with, though somewhat splitty. It has a very acrylic feel, sort of stiff and slippery. A whole garment knit from this would be rather uncomfortable, but it would be great to use as a bit of fun accent in all sorts of projects.

The drape is similar to other acrylic yarns, and it's machine washable so you can combine it with any other easy care yarn with good effect.

It curls a decent amount in Stockinette Stitch, and though I couldn't get a good picture of it, it really does glow in the dark (and even semi-dark). It would probably look cool under a blacklight, too.

Uses for Bernat Glow in the Dark:

When I first heard about this yarn I thought about a Halloween armband that a kid could wear that would offer some protection in darkened streets, but since the glow doesn't hold, that wouldn't be all that practical.

This yarn would be fun as an accent to Halloween costumes, however, especially if you're going to an indoor party where the lights can be turned out, or even visiting a haunted house.

It could also be used to add a bit of fun to non-spooky accessories such as gloves, hats, headbands and scarves. Just a bit of the yarn can bring a fun glow to coming home after dark.

Bottom Line:

A little imagination combined with a little Bernat Glow in the Dark can go a long way toward making accessories and even kids' garments a little more fun. While the glow doesn't last long-term, it can still add some fun to a costume or garment.

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