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Color by Kristin Yarn


Color by Kristin yarn

Color by Kristin yarn.

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A Colorful Choice:

Kristin Nicholas is known for her use of color in knitting projects, as evidenced in her books Color by Kristin and Kristin Knits. So it makes sense that any yarn she develops would be colorful and great for using on colorwork patterns.

So it is with Color by Kristin, a wool, alpaca, mohair blend made in Peru for Classic Elite Yarns.

About the Yarn:

  • Content: 50 percent wool, 25 percent alpaca, 25 percent mohair
  • Yarn weight: medium
  • Gauge: ball band says 5 stitches per inch on size 7 US (4.5 mm) needles; I got 18 stitches and 23 rows per 4 inches (4.5 stitches and 5.75 rows per inch) on size 7 needles
  • Yardage: approximately 93 yards per 50 gram ball
  • Color availability: 20 solids
  • Color used in swatch: 3246, Turquoise Sea
  • Care instructions: hand wash in cold water, dry flat


Color by Kristin is a cozy 4-ply yarn that knits up nice and smooth with little effort. I was knitting with bamboo needles in the dark and I did manage to split the yarn a few times (but I also thought there was a knot in the yarn that turned out to be a removable one in the light of day, so that could have been user error!)

The yarn mostly has a wooly feel, with just the slightest scratchiness (at least to the skin of my neck) but also has the long, stringy halo of fuzz form the mohair fiber. It's a nice combination that holds a little more interest for the knitter than wool alone. It's also nice and soft, very comfortable to knit with and, no doubt, to wear. It has amazing drape that would serve a knitter well in a lot of different applications.

Other than the bit of splitting, this yarn was easy and nice to work with, quickly producing a field of straight, even stitches. That's a little boring looking in plain, single-color Stockinette, but it's a great advantage for a yarn intended to be used for colorwork. The grabbiness of the yarn will make the different colors lock together a little, giving stranded knitting or intarsia a smooth appearance.

There was a little curl in Stockinette Stitch, most of which flattened out after a quick dunk in some water.

Uses for Color by Kristin:

This is quite literally a yarn that was made for colorwork, but the crisp stitch definition mans it would be great for textured stitchwork and cables, too.

All sorts of garments and accessories would be lovely rendered in this yarn, but my mind goes immediately to the stuff of winter: cozy sweaters, warm hats, generous scarves and wear-everyday mittens and gloves.

If you don't mind hand washing kids' things, I love some of these colors for kids' clothes. Even a simple striped sweater in a couple of colors would be cute for a little one who's learning to love color.

Bottom Line:

Color by Kristin is a pretty, soft, fuzzy, fun, colorful yarn that's great for colorwork and beyond. Give it a try and you're sure to want to cozy up with this yarn when the weather gets cold.

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