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LB Collection Cotton Bamboo

A Winning Combination


Lion Brand Cotton Bamboo

Lion Brand LB Collection Cotton Bamboo.

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Lion Brand's LB Collection is full of lovely yarns that are more luxurious than the standard Lion Brand offerings, but still at a pretty good price. The LB Collection Cotton Bamboo is no exception to that rule.

This is a luscious, silky blend that cries out to be used for summer knitting projects that are as lovely as they will be well-wearing.


  • Content: 52 percent cotton, 48 percent bamboo
  • Yarn weight: Light worsted
  • Gauge: Ball band says 21 stitches and 25 rows per 4 inches on size 6 US knitting needles; I got 19 stitches and 27 rows per 4 inches on size 6 needles.
  • Yardage: 245 yards per 3.5 ounce (100 gram) skein
  • Color availability: 8 solids
  • Color used in swatch: Gardenia
  • Care instructions: Machine wash cool, dry flat, no iron or bleach


Even in the skein, LB Collection Cotton Bamboo feels soft and like it will be a good knitting treat. The knitting itself does not disappoint; the yarn is soft, silky and buttery, with more of the bamboo feel than a cotton feel, even though there's slightly more cotton in the mix.

The yarn is a somewaht-loosely constructed plying of eight fine threads of fiber, which makes the possiblity of splitting high. I had to pay attention for a couple of rows, which slowed me down a bit, but before long I was knitting through it with no problems (on plain aluminum needles).

The stitches are pretty smooth and uniform, making this yarn a good choice for textured knitting.

My gauge changed slightly (from 5 stitches per inch to 4.75) after blocking. What curl there was initially in the Stockinette Stitch was completely resolved by a quick dip.

Uses for Lion Brand Cotton Bamboo

To me, this yarn just begs to be used for spring and summer clothing projects, for kids and adults alike. The color options, though limited, are bright and cheerful, and the strength and coolness of cotton and bamboo combine to make this a sort of "best of both worlds" blend.

I'd love to use this yarn for tank tops, summery sweaters, even fun knit accessories. And there's no need to keep the knitting plain; textures should show up beautifully with this smooth yarn.

Bottom Line

LB Collection Cotton Bamboo runs around $5 a skein with pretty generous yardage. A child's sweater could be completed with as little as two balls, and though more would be needed for articles for adults, the price wouldn't add up too quickly.

Given the pretty look of the yarn, the easy care and the versatility of the fibers, this is a yarn that's well worth trying for your summer knitting projects.

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