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Berroco Comfort Chunky

An Even Bigger Comfort


Berroco Comfort Chunky

Berroco Comfort Chunky.

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A lot of knitters already know about Berroco's nylon/acrylic Comfort worsted weight yarn, and now that same mix of fibers is available in a bulky weight, perfect for baby projects and anything else you'd like to see fly off the needles in a hurry and be durable and very usable when you're done.

This yarn knits up in a flash and is super soft, making it a great go-to yarn for any bulky knitting project you've got planned.


  • Content: 50 percent super fine nylon, 50 percent super fine acrylic
  • Yarn weight: Bulky
  • Gauge: Ball band says 14 stitches and 20 rows per 4 inches on size 10.5 US needles; I got 12 stitches and 18.5 rows per 4 inches on size 10.5 needles
  • Yardage: 150 yards per 3.5 ounce (100 gram) skein
  • Color availability: 26 solids
  • Color used in swatch: Ivory
  • Care instructions: Machine wash inside out, warm water, tumble dry low heat, no iron or bleach


Like other versions of Comfort, the bulky version is made up of many twisted strands of fiber that are plied together to make the yarn. In this case there are 12 strands all made up of two strands twisted together, making 24 strands total in the working yarn and a big potential for splitting.

I had a little bit of a splitting problem at the beginning but for the most part had an easy time working with the yarn cleanly on pretty dull-tipped wooden needles.

The yarn makes nice, even stitches and works up very quickly in Stockinette Stitch. It felt like I'd just sat down and I was already finished with my swatch. Likewise any projects knit with the yarn would be very speedy.

The yarn has a little tendency to curl, most of which blocked out nicely. The stitches are smooth and even and actually opened up a little bit with blocking.

Uses for Berroco Comfort Chunky

If you like fast knitting projects, you're sure to come up with plenty of uses for this great yarn. The good color range means you could use it for baby and children's things, but it has a nice enough feel, even right against the skin, that you'll be inspired to knit things for yourself with it, too.

This yarn is a perfect choice for charity knitting projects that you want to get done relatively quickly and use a lovely yarn for. Or use it for gifts for people who can't be trusted with wool or other fine yarns that need to be hand washed (we all know some of them).

Bottom Line

Berroco Comfort Chunky can be purchased for less than $6 a skein. That adds up quickly for large projects, but for small items like hats, scarves and baby and child clothes it's not a big investment for a yarn that feels great, looks lovely, is pretty easy to knit with and even easier to care for.

Odds are good once you knit with this one once, you'll go back to it again.

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