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Knit Picks Sugarbunny

Special Yarn for Special Knits


Knit Picks Sugarbunny

Knit Picks Sugarbunny.

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Knit Picks is well-known as a company that produces good-quality yarn at a good price. There aren't a lot of really luxurious yarns in their collection, but there are plenty of yarns you'd want to use for every day projects.

Knit Picks is going a little higher end with its Special Reserve line, a collection that introduces limited-edition yarns with extra-special fibers. Its first entry, Sugarbunny, is a blend of merino wool and angora that's super fuzzy, super soft and a lot of fun to knit with.

About the Yarn

  • Content: 80 percent merino wool, 20 percent angora
  • Yarn weight: medium
  • Gauge: ball band says 4.5-5 stitches per inch on 6-9 US needles (4-5.5 mm); I got 16 stitches and 24 rows per 4 inches (4 stitches and 6 rows per inch) on size 8 US needles (5 mm
  • Yardage: 136 yards per 50 gram ball
  • Color availability:12 solids
  • Color used in swatch: Regal
  • Care instructions: hand wash, dry flat


No doubt the first thing knitters will notice when they pick up Sugarbunny is how soft it is. This is one of those yarns that knitters will want to pet and rub on their faces -- and if you're not a knitter who rubs yarn on your face, this one might just change your mind.

The yarn is no less nice to knit with. It's fluffy and fuzzy but easy to knit with; I only split one stitch working with bamboo needles when I wasn't paying enough attention to my knitting. It seems to knit up quickly yet it feels like a lighter-weight yarn than it is, probably because of the lightness of angora. Clara Parkes points out in her The Knitter's Book of Yarn that angora is very light weight but eight times warmer than wool and still feels warm even when saturated with twice the liquid that wool can hold.

The yarn is a lightly spun two-ply yarn but holds together well in the knitting.

Because I knew the yarn had angora content and because I know angora has a huge tendency to shed, I treated the swatch a little more roughly than I normally do. I rubbed the swatch between my hands a bit and sure enough it released plenty of fibers.

It also relaxed considerably after its dip in the sink. After the swatch was dry I tried Parkes' suggestion to pinch the yarn and see how many fibers come out, and while there were some it took some force to get them out, so I don't think this yarn will have an incredibly huge shedding problem in normal wear circumstances.

Uses for Knit PIcks Sugarbunny

Because this yarn is so soft and luscious, you're going to want to knit something with it that you can keep next to your skin. I'm thinking scarves, hats and fingerless gloves, for instance.

Because of angora's tendency to shed, however, I'd think twice about using it for a garment or item that's going to face a lot of abrasion. I'd love to use it for baby booties, for instance, but I wouldn't make socks for a toddler out of this yarn.

I would also love to use this yarn for a big cozy cowl that I would probably wear on every bad weather day all winter long to keep myself cozy, dry and happy.

Bottom Line

Lovers of luxury will want to pick up some Knit Picks Sugarbunny while it is available, which is expected to be just for the fall and winter knitting season of 2011. Retailing at $7.99 for 136 yards, it's a bit of luxury that most of us can afford.

This yarn would be a great choice for a little special something for the special someones on your holiday knitting list, of to make a little treat for yourself.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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