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Kollage Hope


Kollage Hope.

Kollage Yarns' Hope yarn.

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Bringing Hope to Knitters:

Kollage Yarns offers a wide variety of eco-friendly yarns and yarns made from alternative fibers such as corn and soy.

Their Hope yarn is a 100 percent organic cotton yarn that's sure to find fans among eco-friendly cotton lovers.


  • Content: 100 percent organic cotton
  • Yarn Weight: Fine/light
  • Gauge: Label says 5 to 6 stitches per inch on size 3 to 5 US needles; I got 6 stitches per inch (24 per 4 inches) on size 5 US needles
  • Yardage: 160 yards per 57 gram skein
  • Color Availability: 18 solids, plus undyed
  • Color Used in Swatch: Vanilla Ice


Kollage Hope is super-soft for a cotton yarn. I noticed right off that it was a little dirty, with some specks of organic matter so small they couldn't easily be picked off (and didn't wash away in the gentle wash I gave my swatch). The specks aren't incredibly noticeable and don't add and scratch to the fabric.

The yarn was great to work with and knit up into a nice, firm but soft fabric with relatively even stitches. This yarn feels nicer than a lot of the conventionally grown cottons out there and would make a good substitute for your favorite conventional yarn.

Uses for Kollage Hope:

I would use Kollage Hope for any project that might be made with cotton yarn. While knitting up the swatch I thought of baby clothes and luxurious bath sets complete with washcloths and sopa sacks.

The yarn comes in a wide variety of colors (though most of them lean toward pastel) so it would be a great yarn to substitute for conventionally grown yarn in just about any cotton project you're planning.

After blocking the edges of my swatch remained just a little curled, but not in such a way that it would prevent me from using the yarn for garments or anything else.

Care of Kollage Hope:

The yarn label suggests that Kollage Hope be hand washed in cold water and that projects made from it be dried flat. It would probably be possible to gently wash it by machine.

As mentioned earlier, a little blocking was required to get the edges straight and flat; projects might need to be reshaped slightly after washing, particularly when a spin cycle is involved.

Bottom Line:

Kollage Hope is a great all-purpose organic cotton yarn. Since cotton is one of the crops that contributes the most pesticides to farmland, using organic cotton yarn is a great first step to greening your crafting.

Better yet, this yarn is part of the USA Yarns project, which features yarns made completely in the United States and 10 percent of sales are donated to American charities. What could be better than buying a great yarn that benefits a good cause?

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