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Kollage Corntastic


Kollage Corntastic.

Kollage Yarns' Corntastic corn yarn.

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Knitting with Corn:

Kollage Yarns has a lot of fun yarns made out of an interesting array of materials, including two products made from corn.

Unlike Cornucopia, in which the fiber is formed into a tube, Corntastic is a plied yarn that looks and behaves a lot more like a traditional yarn.


  • Content: 100 percent corn
  • Yarn Weight: Fine/light
  • Gauge: Yarn label says 22 stitches per 4 inches on size 4 US needles; I got 22 stitches per 4 inches on size 5 US needles
  • Yardage: 105 yards in a 50 gram skein
  • Color Availability: 14 solid colors
  • Color Used in Swatch: Tigers-Eye (919)


The first thing you'll notice when working with Kollage Corntastic is that it has amazingly even stitches. It's also somewhat firm but has a good bit of horizontal stretch. It splits a little.

It feels a little stiff, but not to the extent that it would be uncomfortable to wear close to your skin. The feel is similar to cotton but with a little more smoothness. It almost has a squeaky feel when you first run your hand over it, but in the end the feel is pretty appealing.

The swatch was pretty curly when I was finished knitting, and, as you can see in the picture, it retained some of its curl after blocking.

Uses for Kollage Corntastic:

Because of the great stitch definition of this yarn, it begs to be used for projects with fun stitch patterns. It will show off texture beautifully.

It would also be fun to work some colorwork into a project with this yarn, whether that be stripes or a panel of stranded knitting.

Because of the light weight of this yarn and how breathable corn is in general, it would be a great choice for summer clothing or a layer that's going to be worn close to the body, since it's also capable of wicking away moisture.

Care of Kollage Corntastic:

Corntastic is machine washable and dryable. Corn is naturally wrinkle resistant, which is a good thing because it's possible to melt corn fiber with an iron.

Bottom Line:

Kollage Corntastic is a beauty -- silky on the ball and with wonderful stitch definition on the needles. It will run you around $8 a skein, which means a big project might be prohibitively expensive, but you'd really enjoy wearing a tank top or summery tee made out of this yarn.

It's a great choice for kids since it's light and machine washable, and corn is a renewable resource, so you can feel good about using it.

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