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Knitted Toy Travels

A Knit Zoo for You

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Knitted Toy Travels

Knitted Toy Travels by Laura Long.

David and Charles.

Knitting little toys is a lot of fun, whether you're knitting them for a child, a friend who loves a particular animal or for yourself to display in your craft room or elsewhere in your home.

Laura Long's adorable book Knitted Toy Travels offers patterns for a range of animals found around the world as well as an intrepid -- and well-accessorized -- explore who's traveling the world to visit them all.

About the Book

  • Pages: 128
  • Format: paperback with flaps
  • Number of patterns: 15, including the explorer and his clothes
  • Skill level: patterns are rated on a scale of 1 to 3 with 1 being the easiest; 3 are rated 1, 8 are level 2 and 4 get a 3 rating
  • Illustrations: full-color photographs
  • Knitting lessons: 18 pages of techniques cover all the basics as well as special skills you need to complete the animals
  • Publication date: April 2012

The Patterns

Knitted Toy Travels opens with Ed the Explorer gearing up for his around the world animal adventure. The first patterns are for him, his summer outfit (shorts and top, socks, shoes, belt, hat and bag) and some warmer clothes (a coat, hat and mittens). All these clothes will take some time to knit up, but you can use scraps if you don't mind a lack of matching and the end result is really cute.

For each animal Ed encounters, there's a little story and a poem. The notes to the pattern indicate why a pattern has been given a particular skill level, so you can decide for yourself whether you think the project is too complex for you (higher ratings usually go to pattens with more pieces that require more finishing).

Animals found in the book include a kangaroo (and baby), hippo, parrot, monkey, tiger, panda, meerkat (and baby), giraffe, lion, zebra, polar bear and reindeer. Suggestions are given for other animals some of these could be; for instance the polar bear could be a brown or black bear instead, or the zebra a horse.

All of the animals are adorable, though the ones with babies take the level of cute up a few notches. The details on these projects make them super sweet. Many of the animals have little fabric patches on their paws and ears, which would of course be optional but actually make the animals even more irresistible.

Adding to the fun of this book is a pull-out poster with a map showing where the animals live on one side and pictures of the animals on the other. If you plan to make a whole set this could be a lot of fun, or just use the map to teach your kid a little geography.

Bottom Line

If you like to knit toys and animals, this book is a really cute choice. These projects would be great to knit for kids or for animal-loving grown ups. They're relatively straightforward despite being rather "fiddly" in place, and the results are well worth those extra efforts.

This book also well covers all the techniques you need in order to be successful making and finishing the patterns, so even if you feel like your skills might not be up to the task you should give them a try.

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