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Knit New York

Knit and the City

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Knit New York

Knit New York by Emma King.

Collins & Brown.

New York City is such an iconic town it has inspired at least two knitting books full of patterns to recreate its buildings and attractions in stitches. Both Stitch New York and this one, Knit New York: 10 Iconic New York Projects, were written by British knitters (in this case, Emma King), but just because they're not American doesn't mean they don't understand what people love about the big city.

These 10 patterns recreate buildings and cultural symbols of the big apple and present them in a really cute package.

About the Book

  • Pages: 96
  • Format: hardcover
  • Number of patterns: 10
  • Skill level: none given, but most are appropriate for intermediate knitters
  • Illustrations: full-color photographs
  • Knitting lessons: three pages of techniques cover abbreviations, color knitting, short rows and I-cord
  • Publication date: February 2013

The Patterns

Knit New York focuses on tourist attractions and iconic things found in New York City, offering patterns for:

  • a big apple
  • a yellow taxi
  • the Statue of Liberty the Empire State Building
  • the Staten Island Ferry
  • a Broadway street sign
  • a hot dog
  • a fire hydrant
  • the Flatiron Building
  • a walk/don't walk sign

Several of these patterns are pretty obvious (and the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, a hot dog and a taxi can all be found in Stitch New York as well, though they look different), but a few of them I wouldn't have thought of if I'd been writing this book.

The walk sign and fire hydrant seem like a waste of a good opportunity to include something a little more specific to New York City, but they're still cute.

Actually, everything about this book is pretty adorable, from the size (a trim 6.5 by 5 inches) to the patterns and illustrations, which show the knit projects on imaginary backgrounds.

One thing that's a little strange about these illustrations, though, is that the image of a hot dog cart keeps popping up -- even in patterns that aren't the hot dog. It made me wish there actually were a pattern for a hot dog stand to go with the wee hot dog. That would have been a showstopper.

As it is, though, my favorite pattern is probably the Staten Island Ferry, because it has a lot of really cute details. The little American flag is precious.

Bottom Line

Knit New York is a fun little book that would be a great way to remember your trip to New York or celebrate your love for the city, even if you live far away. I keep coming back to the word cute, but that's what it is. The patterns are cute, the book itself is cute and the idea of knitting yourself wooly souvenirs of your travels is especially adorable.

If nothing else this book can inspire you to think about your travels in a different way and perhaps get you knitting New York City icons or other favorite spots. Wouldn't that be fun?

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Disclosure: A review copy was provided by the publisher. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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