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Knit Nordic by Eline Oftedal.

Collins & Brown.

The classic sweaters of Norway feature gorgeous designs, but they're not small projects. You may not live in a climate where you want to wear a double-thick stranded knit sweater often, or ever, but you may still find yourself drawn to these designs and seek a way to incorporate some Norwegian style into your life.

That's where Eline Oftedal comes in. Her book Knit Nordic: 20 Contemporary Accessories Inspired by 4 Traditional Sweater Patterns offers designs for electronics and beverage cozies, armwarmers, a teddy bear and more knit with classic sweater motifs.

About the Book

  • Pages: 112
  • Format: hardcover
  • Number of patterns: 20
  • Skill level: 11 are rated easy, 5 medium and 4 for more advanced knitters, but bear in mind they all involve stranded colorwork and chart reading
  • Illustrations: full-color photographs
  • Knitting lessons: none, but the finishing skills and other things you need to know (like knitting with circular and double-pointed needles) are covered in the back of the book
  • Publication date: February 2014
  • Publisher: Collins & Brown (distributed by Sterling in the United States)

The Patterns

The book opens with a bit of a history lesson on knitting in Norway and the traditions behind the four classic patterns used in the book: Marius, Voss, Setesdal and Fana.

It's kind of fun for readers who aren't from that part of the world to learn more about the history of these patterns, which in some cases is rather recent even though we consider them really traditional patterns.

Then the book has four sections, one devoted to each pattern, showing the motifs mostly on accessories. (There's also a racerback shirt and hot pants knit in the Marius style that I'm unreasonably attracted to.)

As I mentioned above, though a lot of these patterns are easy, they're not exactly for beginners. You should be comfortable working projects in the round and reading from charts, and it would help if you've done a little stranded knitting in the past, though that's certainly not required. None of these projects use more than two colors in a round so they're not all that difficult to accomplish.

Some of my favorites include Maurcie the Teddy Bear, worked in the Marius pattern; the super-warm looking Wristwarmers with the Setesdal pattern; the Half-Sweater and Sleeves worked in he Fana pattern, which are cute worn separately or together; and the pretty green and white Snood in the Voss pattern.

Bottom Line

These projects are sure to inspire you to look at traditional knitting motifs in a new way. You probably never thought of knitting a sweater for your extra roll of toilet paper, but after seeing it done up in Nordic style you might just change your mind.

This book might get you thinking beyond the sweater for other classic motifs and styles of knitting that, it turns out, are just as at home on slippers and cushions as they are in a larger project.

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