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Deciding Whether to Finish or Frog

Questions to Ask Yourself


If you have a bunch of UFOs hanging around your house, it isn't time to call the FBI, but you may want to give serious consideration to finishing or frogging some of those projects.

But how do you decide which to finish and which to frog? Start by asking yourself the following questions.

  • Will the finished item fit me? If not, will it fit someone else I know?
  • Will it suit me (them)?
  • Do I like the color? The yarn? The pattern?
  • How close to finished am I?
  • Is there a major mistake in the knitting I don't want to or don't know how to fix?
  • Is the project too advanced/too basic for me right now?
  • Are there emotional reasons I might not want to finish this project (working on it when someone died, or it was meant to be a gift for someone who is no longer in your life, for example)?
  • Am I happy with the way the project is going?
  • Do I realistically feel like finishing this project?
  • If yes, can I set a deadline by which I'll have it finished?

Answering no to most of these questions should give you a pretty good indication of which projects to rip. Other times it will be more difficult, as when you're almost finished with a project you hate. In these cases it may be best to go ahead and finish, planning some nice reward knitting for yourself as you go, and then give the finished item to charity so you don't end up wearing your bad knitting karma.

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