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Garter stitch

The garter stitch is a pattern where you knit on every row.

Sarah White

Knitting is the name of the craft that involves two needles and yarn or thread. Loops in the yarn are manipulated with the needles to make a knitted fabric.

The knit stitch is the most basic form of knitting. It involves slipping the needle into the loop from front to back, looping the working yarn around the needle and sliding the stitch through onto the second needle.

A knit stitch is distinguished from a purl stitch, which is the other basic knitting stitch and basically the opposite of a knit stitch.

When looking at a knitted fabric, rows of knit stitches look like alternating flat rows and loops.

Pronunciation: nit
Also Known As: K (in patterns), garter stitch (a pattern term meaning to knit every row)
If you want to knit a sweater, you first must learn to knit and purl.
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