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You can have all the knitting skills out there, but if you don't have knitting tools -- like needles and yarn -- you won't actually be able to knit. Here you'll find information on all the tools you need and some tools that are just nice to have for knitting.

In addition, you'll find a ton of knitting book reviews and reviews of other resources that can move you forward in your knitting skills or give you access to great patterns to knit in your favorite knitting genre.
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  2. Yarn
  3. Other Knitting Tools
  4. Reviews - Knitting Reference Books
  5. Reviews - Books for New Knitters
  6. Reviews - Books about Yarn
  7. Reviews - Books about Knitting Accessories
  1. Reviews - Books about Knitting for Babies and Kids
  2. Reviews - Books about Knitting for Men
  3. Reviews - Books about Knitting Socks
  4. Reviews - Books about Felting
  5. Reviews - Books about Quick or One Skein Knitting Projects
  6. Reviews - Knitting Fiction
  7. Reviews - Knitting Memoirs

Knitting Needles

There are all sorts of knitting needles to choose from, from basic aluminum needles to bamboo, wood, plastic and more. Here's a look at some of your choices and why you might choose one type over another, as well as information about knitting needle sizes and how to pick the right sized needle.


Probably the most attractive part of knitting for a lot of knitters is getting to play with the yarn. There are so many different kinds of yarn out there, it can sometimes be difficult to choose what kind of yarn to use.

Learn more about different kinds of yarn, the pros and cons of different fibers, and see reviews of different kinds of yarn here.

Other Knitting Tools

Needles, yarn and books aren't the only things you need to make knitting fun. Here are some more tools you might be interested in that aren't entirely necessary but can make your life easier or help you with a particular part of the craft.

Reviews - Knitting Reference Books

The books reviewed here are how-to guides, stitch glossaries, fix-it guides, stitch pattern books and guides to designing your own knits.

Reviews - Books for New Knitters

If you're new to knitting -- no matter what your age -- these books are great ones to start you on the road to knitting success. With good instructions and fun, easy patterns, they're sure to help you get hooked on this great craft.

Reviews - Books about Yarn

Reviews of knitting books about yarn: how to spin it, qualities of different yarns and tons of patterns to use those yarns to their best advantage.

Reviews - Books about Knitting Accessories

Most knitters learn to knit scarves first, but we all need mittens and hats to match those scarves. Here you'll find reviews of knitting books about a variety of accessories, such as scarves, hats, mittens, gloves and bags.

Reviews - Books about Knitting for Babies and Kids

Knitting for babies and young children is some of the most fun you can have knitting. Baby projects are often small and quick to knit, but sometimes they rise about utilitarian items to the level of heirlooms that will be cherished for generations. These books offer some of both.

Reviews - Books about Knitting for Men

Whether you're a man or a woman who likes to knit for men, there are plenty of books that will help you make knits a man will actually wear.

Reviews - Books about Knitting Socks

If you've got a passion for sock knitting or want to learn what this craze is all about, these books will help guide you on your way.

Reviews - Books about Felting

Felting is a fun way to alter your knitting by intentionally shrinking it in hot water, whether in the washing machine or in the sink. These books help you learn how to felt and show you all sorts of amazing things you can do while shrinking your knitting.

Reviews - Books about Quick or One Skein Knitting Projects

Reviews of books showcasing single-skein and quick knitting projects. These books are usually great stash busters and are full of instant gratification projects. You will also find books about knitted gifts here.

Reviews - Knitting Fiction

Books about knitting aren't always true -- check out some great reads from the fiction section of your local bookstore or library.

Reviews - Knitting Memoirs

Knitters love to tell their stories, whether in essay collections or in books that explain just how crazy and wonderful a knitting life can be.

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